Pacquiao/Khan Moving Closer for Early 2016 says Amir

By Olly Campbell - 09/30/2015 - Comments

They say the best things come to those who wait, and in Amir Khan’s case that’s half true, as after missing out on a Floyd Mayweather fight after over 2 years of very public chasing, the British former 140 lb champion looks set to land his “plan-b” and secure a 2016 clash with Filipino superstar, Manny Pacquiao instead.

Khan turned his attentions to “Pac-Man,” ostensibly as a next best thing after failing to land the Floyd fight, and with Bob Arum last week confirming that talks were well underway and he wasn’t looking at any other opponent for his fighter, it seems a fight is on for the first part of next year, although exact details need ironing out.

“I can confirm that my team has been negotiating with Bob Arum,” Khan said to The National. “So far, everything is going smooth. The contracts are being negotiated, and if everything is agreed, Manny Pacquiao will be my next opponent.

“I have been told that Manny has been given the all clear to start training again by his doctor, which is great news, so depending on when he and his team feels he could be ready, the fight could be in February or April 2016,” he added.

Arum is keen to get the Filipino back out before May, when he seeks to re-immerse himself into his political commitments back home in the Philippines. He was pictured earlier this week having a scan on his injured shoulder, the results of which will be sent to Dr. Neal ElAttrache in the States.

Pacquiao made the dubious claim earlier this summer that his rotator cuff injury had healed expeditiously thanks the powers of the ‘Good Lord,’ assisted in no small part by swimming in salt water to aid the rehab, prompting ridicule from many quarters online.

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