Pacquiao to Bradley: My time isn’t finished yet

Watching last night’s Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley face off with Max Kellerman was like two guys in a playground with one guy saying he’s better than the other and the other saying no he’s not. It seemed kind of pointless after a while. Kellerman needs to do a better job of coming up with questions because the whole thing comes across like Kellerman’s an employer interviewing two job applicants. ‘Tell me why I should hire you,’ type of thing. It’s like where an employer interviews two people at once and it’s embarrassing and more than little degrading for the guys being interviewed.

“My time is not finished yet,” Pacquiao said in response to Bradley claiming that he doesn’t have the hunger he once had. “I can say that. They [the fans] should watch the fight to get rid of all the question marks in their minds. This will answer all the questions from the past.”

The thing is Pacquiao doesn’t really need to beat in his prime to beat a guy like Bradley, because this guy is clearly not a great fighter. We saw Bradley get bounced around the ring by Ruslan Provodnikov last year. Bradley was a good 140lb fighter, but he’s not in the class of Pacquiao and he clearly lost their previous fight two years ago. Bradley would lose to guys like Kell Brook, Keith Thurman and obviously Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bradley is someone around the same level as Shawn Porter at best.

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We’ll never get a chance to see Bradley face the best guys other than Pacquiao due to Bradley being with Top rank, so it’s all going to be speculation. But in looking at Bradley fight, I see him as getting rolled over by Pacquiao in their rematch on April 12th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bradley might be able to make it to the final bell if he runs for 12 rounds, but there won’t be the same judges around to give him another controversial win this time. Bradley will either lose by a lopsided decision without winning a round or he’ll get knocked out. It’s as simple as that. I rate Bradley below Amir Khan, and I just don’t see this fight as being competitive.

Pacquiao is 35 now, but even Pacquiao at 75% of what he once was is going to be way too much for Bradley. It’s pretty obvious that Bradley is going to run for 3 minutes of every round and try to steal rounds by jabbing and throwing a brief flurry. In other words, he’ll try the same thing he did against Juan Manuel Marquez last October. It’ll be boring to watch, and it’ll be a fail for Bradley. I see him losing and losing badly in a fight that won’t be worth paying to see on HBO pay-per-view.