Pacquiao And Rios Disagree On Floyd Mayweather Jr.

08/06/2013 - By Vitali Shaposhnikov - Comments

Is Shane Mosley over the hill or is he still capable of fighting?

Is Manny Pacquiao still the same fighter that he was before being knocked out by Marquez?

Does Floyd Mayweather Jr. run or fight?

To all the above mentioned questions, as well as any other similar ones, there will always be as many opinions as there are people discussing them. For instance, in the recent video discussion with Pacquiao and Rios posted by ESPN, both fighters disagree on how Mayweather Jr. fights.

“His style and my style if you look at it, he has an advantage because he always keeps running and not fighting,” stated Pacquiao.

Is Pacquiao hinting that Mayweather Jr. would actually have an advantage over Manny if they fought due to Floyd’s style? If Floyd can keep ‘running’ and win the fight, than it’s all that matters when the final bell rings.

Having said that, Pacquiao next opponent Brandon Rios disagreed with Pacquiao about Floyd running from his opposition:

“When was the last time you seen Floyd run? With Guerrero he stayed in the pocket. With Ortiz, he didn’t run, he stayed in the pocket. When Cotto came in, he didn’t run,” argued Rios.

It is true that when Floyd fought Cotto or Guerrero, he fought as much in the middle of the ring as he did in defense on the ropes.

Different fighters have various definitions of what running is. If Mayweather’s opponent arrives to the post-fight press conference with a beaten up face, most will agree that he got hit by Floyd. Isn’t boxing about hitting the other guy while trying not to get hit?

I find it interesting that everyone has their own understanding and opinion of Mayweather Jr., and while some label him a chicken, others simply notice what his rivals look like after the fight and give him the respect that they had never felt towards him before.

If Mayweather Jr. ends up facing Pacquiao, will he fight defensively, or try and impose his own power like he did against Cotto?

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