Oscar De La Hoya first words after 3-day hospital stay for Covid-19

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya has his first words on Wednesday after being released from a 3-day hospital stay for COVID-19 that hit him suddenly, causing him to pull out of this Saturday’s eight-round fight against former MMA world champion Vitor Belfort.

Some boxing fans have been trashing De La Hoya on social media, saying that he lost his nerve when he got a good look at how good Belfort is looking in his workouts.

De La Hoya has been replaced by 58-year-old Evander Holyfield as the opponent for the 44-year-old Belfort (1-0, 1 KOs) on Triller Fight Club PPV at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

Holyfield (44-10, 29 KOs) hasn’t fought since 2011, and he’s looking VERY slow in working the mitts this week with his trainer. Evander’s hand speed is gone, as he looks glacially slow, and many boxing fans are worried about what the powerful Brazilian Belfort will do to the former two-division world champion.

Hopefully, Holyfield doesn’t get hurt on Saturday because he’s looking too slow, and he’s going to get rifled by Belfort. That’s not to say Belfort is a great boxer because he isn’t.

You can’t throw Belfort in with active heavyweight and expect him to stick for long. But against Holyfield, whose hand speed has disappeared due to his advanced age, Belfort is going to be a nightmare for him.

“Hey guys, I am out of the hospital. I was in there for 3 days. COVID hit me really hard. I was in the best shape of my life, and I really can’t wait to get back in the ring.

“Thank you very much for all your well wishes and all your support. I appreciate it,” said former five-division world champion Oscar De La Hoya.

Some boxing fans are wondering about De La Hoya: why isn’t he talking about wanting to reschedule the fight with Belfort? That’s the odd part about De La Hoya (39-6, 30 KOs) pulling out of the fight.

They’re wondering why he isn’t telling the fans that he plans on rescheduling the Belfort fight at a later date.  Given that ‘The Golden Boy’ De La Hoya isn’t talking about wanting to reschedule the fight, it suggests that he’s going to forget about it.

In that case, it’ll be interesting to see who, if anyone, that De La Hoya looks to fight next. I know Oscar has talked recently about wanting to fight a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr., but there haven’t been any comments coming from him that indicate that he’s interested.

Former UFC champion Anderson Silva, 48, is another name that De La Hoya had talked about recently wanting to fight. De La Hoya didn’t say anything today about wanting to set up a fight with him.

16 thoughts on “Oscar De La Hoya first words after 3-day hospital stay for Covid-19”

  1. Can we get back to the real, current contenders.
    The past has had their day…with all due respect.
    As was said earlier….. time is undefeated, and this is a dangerous sport, even more for those who are way past their youth and Prime.

  2. Everyond that contacted the virus has their lungs damaged, i think and hopefully pray his fighting days are over

  3. You got to be the biggest idiot for even writing this crap. Evander will look good on his worse day. What journalist school did you go too.

  4. One word! “ACTOR! ” real or not.. it’s unbelievable! We all know the covid is the best excuse at this time for any work field to exclude it.. I’m sorry just very disappointing was very and strongly looking forward to it and failed.. been waiting for a performance ever since he said in the George lopez show that he was “coming back”.. that was like 10 years ago! And then this happens 🤦‍♂️… every champion was once a contender who refused to give up… if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth..”time takes everybody out. Time is undefeated. “

  5. What are these guys trying to “ Prove “ ?? Besides just cashing in on a business payment!! Pathetic.

  6. It’s all getting terrible now. I can see a old Tyson vs a old Evander but anyone 45 under vs those legends is not right. Honestly best they stay retired.

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