Oscar De La Hoya Causes A Stir On Social Media!

Oscar De La Hoya Causes A Stir By Posting Message On Social Media That Says He’s Been Offered $1 Billion For Golden Boy!

Oscar De La Hoya posted a message on social media a short while ago, and it’s fair to say the message grabbed plenty of attention. Oscar – who in another story says he is oh, so glad he didn’t go through with last year’s announced fight with Vitor Belfort, adding how he “dodged a bullet” in not going through with the bout – wrote how he has been offered the enormous sum of $1 billion for his company, Golden Boy Promotions.

“Just received a 10 figure offer to sell @Golden Boy Boxing what should I do?” De La Hoya wrote.

It’s entirely possible Oscar, who plenty of people have come out and said they are concerned about, has let his imagination get the better of him here. Maybe Oscar is considering taking Golden Boy in a new direction, or maybe he is looking at selling the company. But for a staggering $1 billion? No way.

Eddie Hearn, when asked about De La Hoya and his critical comments of how he, Hearn, “got Canelo Alvarez beaten by putting him in with an unknown guy in Dmitry Bivol,” said he hopes Oscar “gets better soon.” Hearn also said that De La Hoya is in no position to be able to criticise his handling of Canelo (not that anyone other than Canelo himself calls the shots when it comes down to who he fights).

“This is coming from the same guy who put a 22 year old/23 year old, young, unbeaten fighter in with Floyd Mayweather,” Hearn said to IFL TV on the subject of Oscar’s criticism of his work with Canelo. “I saw Oscar the other day, saying he’s been offered $1 billion for his company! This geezer is off his tree, off his tree. I hope he can get better soon, genuinely.”

So, does that pretty much sum it up for you? Let’s hope De La Hoya can get himself together and return to a good place soon.

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