McGregor Has No Boxing Coach, But Has a Plan To Beat Mayweather Jr.

06/22/2017 - By Vitali Shaposhnikov - Comments

August is just around the corner, with both McGregor and Mayweather Jr. getting ready to go to work once the bell rings.

For Mayweather Jr., this fight is nothing new, nothing different, and has no extraordinary challenges attached to it. It is a boxing match, inside a boxing ring. Being the same Mayweather Jr. he has always been, almost guarantees him a victory, at least according to the majority of boxing pugilists.

For Conor McGregor on the other hand, this is shark territory. The ring is different, the rules are poles apart, and the opponent is lightly put, unique. Striking in MMA, and punching in boxing, are in their own, totally unlike categories. Despite it being very hard to imagine, McGregor will be prey in his bout against Mayweather Jr.

In a recent interview with the Daily Star, one of McGregor’s coaches said something unoriginal and default when it comes to fighting Mayweather Jr., something that has been stated too many times to mention:

“We came up with a game plan that we think can shock the world and we’re gonna stick to that for the time being,” stated Owen Roddy.

Of course they have a plan, why wouldn’t they. So who is helping team McGregor with the development of this elaborate plan? Is there professional boxing help involved? Apparently not.

“At the moment, it’s going to be me, John, possibly Artem and I think there’s four. We’re not bringing anybody in as of yet, but who knows down the line. Obviously he’ll have to get his own cut man and stuff like that. He hasn’t sorted that just yet,” added Roddy.