Mayweather will have an asterisk even if he beats Pacquiao now, says Jones Jr

According to Roy Jones Jr, Floyd Mayweather Jr will have an asterisk next to his record when he leaves the game because of him having never fought Manny Pacquiao during his career. But even if Mayweather does choose to fight Pacquiao, he’ll still wind up with an asterisk on his record because Pacquiao being on the decline at this point in his career. In other words, Mayweather is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t as far as Pacquiao goes.

Jones Jr thinks Mayweather’s fighting style is boring, and he’s not impressed with what he saw of him in his two back to back fights against Marcos Maidana. Jones thinks the most exciting thing about those two fights is Mayweather getting bit by Maidana on the glove.

“It’s going to be an asterisk, because even if he takes him out now, Pacquiao is so past his prime,” Jones said to Hustleboss. “So it doesn’t mean anything. So it’s going to stay an asterisk on his career because he did that to himself. To his defense, had he beat Pacquiao earlier, he could have retired earlier, because he’s so boring, that we wouldn’t stay awake to watch him fight nobody else.”

As wealthy as Mayweather is, I’m sure he won’t mind having a so-called asterisk on his record in the minds of some boxing fans. Mayweather will likely be able to live with himself knowing he beat pretty much everyone else besides Pacquiao. Mayweather did, after all, beat the bigger Saul “Canelo” Alvarez last year in a fight that many boxing fans thought that Mayweather was going to lose.

I’m not so certain that Pacquiao would go 12 rounds with Canelo. That would be a very tough fight for Pacquiao, especially with the way he was knocked out cold by Juan Manuel Marquez. Canelo is a better puncher than Marquez with more size. Unless Pacquiao’s management were able to boil Canelo down with a strength-draining catch-weight, Canelo would likely get to Canelo at some point in the fight and knock him out.