Mayweather Promotions CEO reacts to De La Hoya saying Tank vs. Barrios brought only 90K buys

07/08/2021 - By Jeepers Isaac - Comments

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe reacted angrily on Wednesday to Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya telling the media that his sources reveal that the Gervonta Davis vs. Mario Barrios fight pulled in only 90,000 PPV buys on Showtime on June 26th, not the 215,000 that was previously reported.

As a result of his sources telling him that Davis-Barrios brought in just 90K, Golden Boy boss De La Hoya says he will wait until early 2022 before matching his popular fighter Ryan Garcia with Tank Davis.

De La Hoya wants to wait until Tank’s popularity increases before letting Ryan (21-0, 18 KOs) fight him. The contest will make more money once Tank becomes better known.

With Mayweather Promotions matching Tank Davis against little-known fighters like Barrios, it’s going to be difficult for him to increase his popularity.

There are still fans that aren’t familiar with Tank Davis (25-0, 24 KOs), and his situation isn’t helped when Mayweather Promotions chooses to match him against paper champions like Barrios.

De La Hoya says Gervonta – Barrios did 90K PPV buys

“I know for a fact that the Gervonta fight, I think… from my sources, did about maybe 50,000 PPV homes and 40,000 digitals,” said De La Hoya to Fighthype.

Mayweather Promotions CEO reacts to De La Hoya saying Tank vs. Barrios brought only 90K buys

“You combine that to about 90,000 PPVs. So I don’t know if that fight [Gervonta Davis vs. Ryan Garcia] is ready to be made, but when it is, which maybe can be first quarter next year,” said De La Hoya.

Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe isn’t helped because Showtime Boxing hasn’t released the PPV numbers for the Tank Davis vs. Mario Barrios fight from June 26th.

But even if those numbers were accurate, that’s not a lot of buys. With Showtime not releasing the numbers, you have to take the reported 215K numbers by a nameless source as fantasy guesswork. That’s very, very low and nothing to get excited about.

Ellerbe reacts to De La Hoya

“Everyone can see through this 🤡! Mayweather Promotions will pay Golden Bay $1mil per buy for anything under 215 thousand buys, and Golden Boy has to pay Mayweather Promotions $1mil per buy anything over 90 thousand buys are you in @OscarDeLaHoya. If not, shut the f*** up!!” said Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe on Twitter.

Until Showtime PPV releases the numbers for the Davis – Barrios fight, you kind of have to see De La Hoya’s source as the likely true numbers. De La Hoya gains nothing by reporting the numbers.

He wants to make the Ryan Garcia vs. Gervonta fight. But at the same time, he’s not going to put the fight together if Tank isn’t the PPV attraction that Ellerbe has been saying he is. If you’re the new PPV star in boxing, you don’t be bringing in only 90,000 PPV buys.

Mayweather Promotions CEO reacts to De La Hoya saying Tank vs. Barrios brought only 90K buys

It doesn’t matter that Gervonta fought a guy that few people had ever heard of before in Barrios. You still have to bring in respectable numbers to be viewed as a true PPV attraction and not a pseudo one.

De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia need to wait until Gervonta brings in 1 million PPV buys for his fights because he’s not the PPV star if he’s only doing 90K.

If Mayweather Promotions want to bring in a lot of buys for Gervonta Davis, they need to put him in with guys like Josh Taylor, Teofimo Lopez, Vasily Lomachenko, Devin Haney, Jose Ramirez, and Regis Prograis. In other words, quality fighters. Instead of Mayweather Promotions matching Tank against live opposition, they’ve spoonfed him these fighters:

  • Yuriorkis Gamboa
  • Ricardo Nunez
  • Mario Barrios
  • Hugo Ruiz
  • Leo Santa Cruz

Ellerbe should wait until Showtime releases the numbers before he flies off the handle in reaction to De La Hoya saying his sources reveal much lower PPV numbers than reported earlier.

If Tank Davis can’t bring in PPV buys, it doesn’t matter if he sells many tickets for his fights in Atlanta.

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  1. Golden who? We have to stick with our people to, that’s with boxing is these days. Garcia may bring in a certain amount of pay for view because he is Mexican , so stop the popularity game.

    • I totally agree and whoever wrote this is somewhat biased because nobody cares who Ryan is Tank is the draw that’s fact I know it hurts people in their butts but that’s facts💯🔥Ryan the same person that said he was going to fight Pacquiao after you went on Mike Tyson’s podcast that I personally watch visually with my eyes and heard Mike Tyson call tank up while he was there and they were talking crap and Tank was like we going to get it you talkin too much s***and we all saw Mike Tyson say well this is it and we basically all heard it if we were watching Mike Tyson podcast which I usually do then all of a sudden he’s going to fight Pacquiao come to fight find out Pacquiao said he was never in discussion with fighting him 💯🔥🤣😂 gtfooh Ryan is a lot like Jake Paul a lot a lot like Jake Paul


  2. That was poor from Golden boys promo…they didnt think tank was gonna beat him there should of been a rematch. Oscar you hire me ill run that for u and if. Mayweathers ceo get out of pocket ill smack his glasses tint of his face for u boss. NBS

    • mayweather is a cherry picker thats how he did his carreer thats why he never wamts tank to fight loma cause he knows he would get crushed

  3. I ain’t gone lie bro..if you gone write stuff like should stop 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. F!!! Golden boy still living his dream thru other fighters!! That’s why Canelo left his ass…. Always saying he had the blue print to beat Mayweather and any of his camp!!! Still dressing in that lingerie Oscar 🤣 keep tip toeing around a title!!! None of your bronze boys have what it takes to be on top!!! Ryan is the inner you making excuses not to fight when he had the chance!!!! Watching all other guys in his division win and dominate!! Your done Oscar sit back and watch the new top class win and dominate this weight class!!

  5. Oscar lol you already took your butt whopping u just mad cause you were never undisputed champ.

  6. To the writer of this article…please do your research lmao. You are terrible and a clear writer for golden boy

    • Honestly the same thing I was thinking. Obviously knows nothing about what he is talking about. Tank vs barrios was arguably a better fight than any of those guys recent fights! And he’s a reputable champion that would of gave any one of those other fighters you named a hard time if not beat them!

  7. He is trying to say Garcia is the “A” side. Canelo left Oscar for a reason and I’m sure he has told Garcia. If he were smart he would stay away from Tank. Garcia has already been down and all fighters know it’s an extremely hard thing to forget. Garcia would have that on his mind throughout training camp and in the ring. Stop promoting his execution and let that man continue fighting so he can forget the past.

  8. That’s completely true. Tank doesn’t fight quality fighters he fought nothing but cherry picks his entire career

    • Floyd Mayweather Junior deja vu all over again. Tank Davis is not a known athlete outside the already diminished boxing fan base. The entire last half of Floyd Junior’s career, boxing fans bought Junior’s fights hoping to see him lose against fighters whom Junior picked, chose, and scheduled according, to opponent’s age calendar. Junior didn’t fight the “next in line” or “the top of the heap” like, for example, Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, and Duran did.

    • What quality fighters has Ryan fight. Sounds like he has only fight social media fighters. The rest of them were Mexican bums. What say you ?

  9. Oscar is mad Mayweather kicked his ass… Now tank gonna kick his son’s ass….. Lmfao that whole camp stinks…. That’s why Canelo cause Oscar is a DRUNK!

    • Them pepper guts think they are boxers, but they are not. They are just street fighters, looking to get popular off a major name like Tank and Mayweather. Ryan is a little out his league, especially Oscar Della hose wearing sissy.

  10. When they finally decide to put Ryan in front of Tank, Ryan’s career will be over like Conor Mcgregor’s

  11. PPV buys? So yall worried about popularity? C’mon This article is biased and trash no objectivity and not informative either.

  12. I know that Ryan Garcia is scared and in no way ready to fight (Tank) Gervonta Davis, Ryan haven’t ever fought any top contenders?!!!!!!!

    • It was ignorance that made that remark (golden boy), Davis will smash garica, Period…

  13. Your writing style makes you seem biased. What has Mayweather production done to you to sound like such a Golden Boy/Oscar dick sucker? “Oscar has nothing to lose by reporting the numbers”, really?

    GTFOH 🤬

  14. Tank IS A WALKING TALKING GHETTO FELONY just like Floyd. Super fun boxer to watch. Great power. Will be locked up within 2 years tops. Can’t escape hood mentality.

    • You foul evil spirit from the pit of HELL. I REVERSE the Curse of the words you have spoken over this young man. May your own words return back you!

    • Be fair to the young man…you don’t know him or his troubles personally….keep negative stuff to yourself…praise the man for getting away from the streets…don’t tear down what God has blessed him with

    • Shut your dumb ass up he made it out the hood for u to even speak on that u dumb asf he from west baltimore he’s still alive & was never in a gang goes to show u know nothing about his come up let me tell u something u wouldn’t make out here in Baltimore where he from u hating ass keyboard warrior !!!

    • Sounds like you are making a movie. Let us embrace reality and appreciate the elevation from such an environment to become a Champion! Then a congratulations would be due to the man for his accomplishments. Even the ex President talked down on his area of upbringing. We should uphold the the effort in a more honorable manner!

  15. This article is beyond biased . Garcia isn’t a paper view draw at all and hasn’t fought anyone near the tier of Tanks Opponents. If Golden boy has no faith in Garcia just say that.

  16. Tank is the man , they all know it, they are all running scared of the Tank , He is going to drop all of them, and when he does I’ll be watching 👀

  17. Tank is the man , and all others know it , so stop with the stupid stuff, they are all running scared of the Tank. Drop all of them Tank , I’ll be watching 👀

  18. This is why we won’t see a fight and tank we leave him in the background of boxing future
    And after the 140 pound fight Lopez tio Haney might not want to fight him either tank competition will be even harder too find now tank has work to do but he is for sure the leader and the face of boxing even only fight I see that will do more number then a tank fight will be the wilder fury 3 and that’s just because of the controversy after that fight I can’t see no match that will bring more numbers then a tank fight box numbers are just down the sport was in a decline since Floyd quit tank without now the facts I can firmly believe that he sells more USA tickets than any relevant boxer that’s fighting today as of now tank falls second to none as the face of boxing. With that said if u read this then that article is irrelevant because this comment is more closer to factual then Oscar just hatin in the article above Garcia has never had a million nothing besides Instagram followers and half of those ppl are fake pages check for ya self I no the game I do sm promo I am a day one tank fan and in this comment I chose the defense role but no bias just stating what I believe to be true not facts but what believe to be true same as golden boy decided to do in the article above except I left out the hating on the other side and simply stated what believe my eyes have seen in reality tank is the face of boxing as of now

  19. Oscar keep it real bro. You just lost Canelo and you are down to your final two acts. Neither of which is sustainable for Goldenboy. Ryan Garcia and Virgil Ortiz aren’t selling tickets or PPV’s and they are your very last straws for keeping the bankrupt company afloat. You know Garcia vs Davis will give you one decent pay day but we all know the outcome. From there you know longer have an undefeated prospect. So one time boxing legend, stop with the libel. We all know Tank is selling because you and Ryan continue to clout chase his name nonstop. Stop the delusional trolling and learn to control your fighters mouth. He clearly doesn’t know what your match makers can see. If I was the writer I would be using an alias also. This is definitely a exercise in creative writing/promotional company saving spin. Let’s get to some real boxing news already.

  20. You appears to be a Golden Boy asset , who validated GB information you please! The Tank is a PPV star and GB is just trying to get a better deal with his bs!

  21. Who the hell Ryan Garcia fought. Nobody. I don’t even know who he is. All he do is talk. All mouth. He’s afraid of tank. Let’s see Ryan fight Barrios. He’ll lose.

  22. Ryan Garcia has a big ass mouth. Who has he fought with a big name? The boy is on IG too much and not in camp as much. When the numbers drop, you the writer of this erratic article better rewrite facts.

  23. “I know for a fact that the Gervonta fight, I think… from my sources, did about maybe 50,000 PPV homes and 40,000 digitals,” said De La Hoya to Fighthype.”

    When someone says “I know for a fact then maybe”, they are full-of-crap! Oscar is seriously a jealous hater!

  24. What do you mean Tank Davis isn’t well know? What rock has De La Hoya been living under. Wait maybe Oscar is worried about Tank dropping Ryan Garcia like Floyd dropped Oscar. As for the PPV numbers sure they might be low but we are still in a pandemic and money is tight. I wanted to do PPV but it was that or pay a couple of bills. Besides there was a audience and they bought tickets let’s not forget about that. Oscar is looking for a big pay day and so is Ryan. Not enough money Garcia won’t fight. It’s all about the money. Besides this article is biased.

    • Tank has to get in the here wit someone serious .. spoon-feed is the perfect word

    • Floyd never dropped Oscar so do your research before commenting. You make yourself look like a 🤡

  25. Totally bias! I honestly can’t believe you put this article out,unless your objective was to upset people…Bottom line is tank is for real,extremely gifted,and the more he keeps learning the more dangerous he is gonna be,can you imagine all that talent and then the ring IQ,Ryan Garcia lol

    • I agree 1000%!

      Not sure how this dude could focus writing this article being on his knees. lol

  26. Before tank fought barrios his camp made the call to Garcia camp and they didn’t take the fight that’s why tank moved up to 140 so he could fight Garcia is overrated and protected by golden boy they already kno tank will wash Garcia which also haven’t fought anyone either and where is his million PPV buys at

    • So true this statement from de la hoya is more about taking a shot a floyd Mayweather than tank or Garcia I feel tank will smash Garcia ass if they fought n the ring plus tank went up 2 weight classes to fight barrios de la hoya still sour over that L floyd put on his ass let it go make that fight happen if u think your fighter is better but I don’t think so tank the truth

  27. 215k is kinda a stretch but will see when numbers are release……
    R Garcia is A top contender with power , but I think he will quit on the stool or knock out if G Davis puts heat on him Punishing him for several rounds?

  28. Weak article… Tank Davis is the Man in boxing right now. Garcia just had a mental breakdown he is not ready for Tank Davis.👊🏾

    • Exactly Tank is the bigger name…..PERIOD nobody even talkjng about Ryan except De La Hoya😆

  29. What i see is Ryan talks a big game to the viewers. De La Hoa you shouldn’t be putting Ryan on Big Card interviews with reporters because all he does is try to talk over everyone like if he’s high on something. And Tank puts in the work in the ring and showing he’s the top dog. And De La Hoya just wants to talk about big numbers.

  30. Oscar still mad because floyd beat the hell out of him and tank is going to do the same to fake king. 🤴😒

  31. Ok so this article seems really biased i mean who has Ryan Garcia actually fought. He’s got one name on his record. And calling Barrios a paper champion is a stretch.

    Ryan Garcia is Instagram famous which is cool and weird because he has done nothing to really deserve the following. Jose padraza Leo Santa Cruz and now Barrios all are serious opponents. And to this point Garcia has not faced comp like this just saying.
    Shaq and Mike tyson are not giving personal shout out to Garcia. Tank is the man point blank and simple. He’s making the most money and his he is the real deal Period.

    • This article is redirect. Ryan hasn’t done a million ppv’s…who are they to tell a champion that they need to do a certain number before fighting? Ryan should be trying to build his brand “in the ring.” That means fighting davis, teo, haney. Ryan is a nobody right now compared to the 3 I just mentioned. He has more to prove

  32. Why aren’t you talking about the fights Garcia has had, Garcia is boxing’s Takeshi 69

  33. This article is bias. The writer seems like he works for Golden Boy. Why should we give Oscar De La Hoya the benefit of the doubt or Ryan Garcia but you decide to not give Mayweather productions the benefit of the doubt.Ryan Garcia need to Tank way more than tank needs Ryan Garcia.You are supposed to be objective and just put out the fax but we can see you have a problem with me with the productions or Tank Because he does not fit your narrative.

  34. We all know Ryan Garcia ducked the Fortuna fight!!! Let’s get real as soon as Garcia seen Fortuna fighting Jojo he ALL OF SUDDEN ready to fight again!!! Come on now.. I don’t know why Garcia is getting sooo much hype it literally ridiculous. All he does is talk like he wants to fight Davis. Oscar is shielding his prize. Davis is truly a 130lbs fighter. Just with his lack of training did he go up to 135 and now 140.

  35. Why must take DeLoya’s estimate as fact when he has no named source either? This article says since there’s no named source that “we must dismiss the 250k buys as fantasy guesswork.” I think what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Until Showtime PPV releases the official count, or named credible sources do likewise, we cannot know with any degree of certainty. The writer of this article should know this.

  36. If you don’t know tank Davis than you don’t know boxing! Tank and Ryan are two different types of dogs. Everyone knows what Oscar is doing and why he’s doing it.

  37. Tank is not well known? Where in the world? CRyan needs Fighters like Tank, Dev too. After he fights some big fights. RIGHT NOW WE CANT GET ENOUGH OF THE MAIN MAN ATTRACTION GTD!

    • No what he’s really saying is he wants Ryan to train more and get better because if he fights Tank now he’ll get his ass kicked thats what it comes down to…

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