Manny Pacquiao Wants To Box At 2024 Olympics, End Career With A Gold Medal Win!

By James Slater - 08/30/2023 - Comments

Living legend Manny Pacquiao is not done achieving just yet. The eight-weight king who has one of the most storied careers in ring history, aims to make more history. How? By capping off his career with a gold medal win at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

According to Philippine Olympic Committee president Abraham Tolentino, Pac Man wants to box in the upcoming games, his goal to win gold at the age of 45 (Manny turns 45 in December). In 2016, a rules change allowed pro boxers to compete in boxing at the Olympics, and now Manny wants in.

Pacquiao is too old to earn a spot via qualifying in the Asian Games of next month, but he can qualify via one of the two Olympic qualifying tournaments that will take place next year. This is interesting stuff and it will he fascinating to see if Pacquiao can qualify and if he can then go on to capture a gold medal in France.

Most fighters of course compete in the Olympics at the start of their ring careers, if they are good enough, that is. Now, if he is still good enough, Pac Man will end his ring career by boxing for his country. Imagine if Pac Man could make good on his lofty goal, thus joining Olympic greats such as Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya (who Manny of course met and defeated in the pro ranks), Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Frazier and all those other special boxers who picked up a beautiful gold medal!

It truly would be some super-special way for Pacquiao, already an all-time great, to end his time in the sport, that’s for sure. But is this too much of a task for Pacquiao? What weight will he box at if he does go ahead with his plan? How many years younger than himself will his opponent/opponents be?

Let’s all wish Pacquiao the best in his goal of capping off his illustrious career in dream fashion!