Lucas Matthysse – Media Roundtable Exclusive Interview

By Steve Lopez - 09/12/2013 - Comments

IMG_6508After the colorful press conference concluded, I, along with other members of the media, had the opportunity to interview Argentina’s Lucas “The Machine” Matthysse in anticipation of the biggest fight of his career. We touched on topics such as motivation, training camp, Angel Garcia’s antics and his future as a fighter.

A man of a few words, Matthysse does his talking in the ring. Here’s an exclusive look at some of many questions that were answered.

Question: “Is Lucas Matthysse the best fighter you will have fought after Saturday?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Definitely. He’s undefeated. He has the two titles. He’s the guy to beat. Obviously the best fighter in the division.”

Question: “Being at weight already before the weigh-in…does that give you peace of mind and how do you hydrate to your normal weight?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Eat a good pasta, drink a lot of liquids and recuperate normally.”

Question: “Is this a match where you have to be careful in engaging in a firefight by throwing lots of punches? Do you want to be sure you don’t do anything stupid by walking into a shot?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Yes, I have to be cautious, but I will also be looking for my fight. Very attentive but making my own fight.”

Question: “You’ve had so many great knockouts. Do you feel you have to keep that streak going?”

Lucas Matthysse: “No, no. I’ve trained very hard. I’m well prepared. I’m fortunate to have knocked out many of the opponents. I don’t look for the knockout. The knockout comes by itself.”

Question: “After your two losses, is there anything else besides your aggression that you’ve changed? Perhaps nutrition-wise or regimen in your training?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Yes, I started to focus on my country. My preparation focused in Argentina along my friends and family. That gave me more confidence.”

Question: “What was the difference then in comparison to now?”

Lucas Matthysse: “I used to do my training camps here in the U.S.A.”

Question: “You mention that the knockout comes on its own during the fight. But, from rounds 1-12, which round does Lucas like to score the knockout?”

Lucas Matthysse: “No, I don’t have a preference. I don’t look for it. If it comes, great.”

Question: “Usually fighters like to get away from their family for their training camps to avoid distractions. You seem to have done the opposite. Why does that work for you?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Being with my usual people, around my home and city, I always do well. It helps me.”

Steve Lopez: “Argentina is now able to advance to the world cup. Having a boxing champion crowned this weekend would be another gift to the country. How do you feel about that?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Yes, it would be a great gift. September 14th is the day of the boxer in Argentina. I would love to bring the title. It would be great to have a new champion and our country advance to the world cup at the same time.”

Steve Lopez: “Angel Garcia is very extravagant in his comments. Did the comments faze you?”

Lucas Matthysse: “No, I didn’t even understand what he said. The comments don’t faze me at all.”

Question: “If the fights go to the cards, will that complicate things for you?”

Lucas Matthysse: “No, not at all. I’m going to fight a great fight. If the knockout comes, great.”

Question: “How do you feel about being on a card this big? What does this do for your career and does it motivate you?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Yes, it’s a big card and it motives me being on an huge event like this one. Being able to represent my country on an event this big makes me proud.”

Question: “Mexico and Argentina have often been sister countries. In this case, is it important for you and Canelo Alvarez to come out with your hands raised in victory?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Yes, it’s very important. It’s a way for both Canelo and I to represent Latin
America and be victorious.”

Question: “Does the trash talk motivate the fighter to come out and be victorious?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Yes, definitely. Inside the ring I’ll be fighting with the son and not the father. I really don’t care what he says. I do my talking inside the ring.”

Question: “Are you a better fighter than what you were when you fought Judah and Alexander?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Yes, I’ve become better and I’ve learned a lot. Definitely a much better fighter than what I was before.”

Question: “Did you feel a need to change your style after the two defeats?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Yes, I kept my same style but had to increase the pressure a lot more. I obtained a lot more experience.

Question: “His father said that he will not let any foreigner come to the U.S.A. and take the titles. Do you have anything to say to that?”

Lucas Matthysse: “I come to fight and I know that I will take the titles back to my country.”

Question: “Who were your sparring partners and how did you ick them?”

Lucas Matthysse: “I sparred with Timothy Bradley for a few rounds and then with other young guys whose names I do not remember. It was very good sparring. Very good work.”

Question: “Besides the fights with Alexander and Judah, is this the most important fight of your career?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Yes, for sure. The most important for me. I’m going to unify the titles. It’s a great card and a good opportunity.”

Question: “What does this fight mean to Argentina and where would a victory place you in the ranks?”

Lucas Matthysse: “It’s an important fight that Argentina is playing close attention to the result. Winning would put me as one of the top level fighters for the country.”

Question: “What do you feel about this whole promotion for the event? Do you like all the attention or would you prefer to be more low-key?”

Lucas Matthysse: “Yes, it’s a big promotion for this event. I understand everyone wants to be involved with the attention, though I would definitely prefer to be more low-key.”

Steve Lopez: “What would you say is your biggest motivation for this fight? Your family, the financial purse, the fact that Argentina is counting on your for this victory?

Lucas Matthysse: “My daughter. She’s my greatest motivation.”

Steve Lopez: “Angel Garcia has downplayed the opponents that you’ve faced. He says they were fighters that you were supposed to beat. That’s why you’re an opponent who has been hyped too much. How do you respond to that?”

Lucas Matthysse: “If I’m here at this level, it’s because I’ve earned it. I think all of my rivals have been tough and if I’m here, it’s because I’ve earned it and no one has given it to me as a gift.”