Lucas Browne To Box USA Debut Against Otto Wallin In Las Vegas, March 28

02/10/2020 - By James Slater - Comments

Talk about leaving it late to make your American boxing debut. Lucas Browne, who , I don’t know about you, seems to have been around for ages, has announced how he will box in Las Vegas against Otto Wallin on March 28th. As per World Boxing News, the fight is expected to be made official any time soon.

An interesting fight between two big men who are at opposite ends of their careers. Browne, 40 years of age and 29-2(25) will be giving up quite a bit in terms of age against the 29 year old Wallin; Wallin also having far less wear and tear on his body than the man known as “Big Daddy.”

But who hits harder out of the two? Who really, truly needs the win most? Who will be the hungrier man on the night?

Browne was taken out by a nasty Dave Allen body shot in his last meaningful fight, and he has picked up just one low-key win since, taking care of John Hopoate with ease in November of last year. Austalia’s Browne, who certainly has had some eventful career, knows he has to win this one or else.

As for Wallin, it’s likely he and his team will be looking at taking this fight, taking Browne’s scalp, and then moving onto bigger and better things. Wallin of Sweden of course made a pretty big name for himself in battling Tyson Fury for all 12 rounds last time out, coming alarmingly close to stopping Fury on cuts and pulling off the enormous upset.

Wallin, boosted massively by that performance, from both a confidence perspective as well as in terms of his profile, feels very strongly he can become world champion. Browne could really be in for for a tough night here.

Or maybe, his career on the line as he surely knows and understands it is, Browne will train like crazy and give it his all in Vegas at the end of next month.

It could prove to be a fun fight. Wallin, 20-1(13) could end the career of the always game and gutsy Browne. It’s up to “Big Daddy” to really make the most if this, his very first fight in America. Two big men, both standing over the 6’5″ mark, this one could be a fun fight of the highest order.