LIVE: Thurman – Tszyu & Romero – Cruz Press Conference Stream TODAY at 4:00 pm ET

By Premier Boxing - 01/31/2024 - Comments

Two-time world champ Keith Thurman squares off against the up-and-comer and current world champ Tim Tszyu in the main attraction on March 30th live on Amazon Prime PPV. The evening’s second spotlight fight features 140-pound champ Rolando Romero taking on Mexico’s own Isaac “ Cruz at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas launching the first PBC PPV to be aired on Prime Pay-Per-View .

This event kicks off PBC’s new venture on Prime Video, following a major rights deal struck last December, making the PPV accessible on Prime for all, membership or not, while keeping it available through the usual cable and satellite channels.

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The night’s action will also spotlight Cuban sensation and WBA Middleweight World Champion Erislandy Lara as he defends his title against top contender Michael Zerafa, and the card opens with super welterweight firecracker Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora facing off against the on-a-roll Serhii Bohachuk.

Keith Thurman:

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is nearly here. March 30 marks not just another fight, but the continuation of my journey in boxing. It’s moments like these—filled with anticipation and world-class action—that define the sport.

Facing a competitor known for his traditional, power-driven approach, I plan to confront him directly, anticipating a victory that will leave a lasting impression.

Tszyu may have done his homework and signed on the dotted line, yet the reality of facing me in the ring will surpass anything he’s prepared for. This fight will be a bittersweet experience—unfavorable for him but a triumph for me.

Advancing to a new weight class is a natural progression in a boxer’s career. My tenure at 147 pounds was memorable, but I’m ready to achieve greatness at 154 pounds. Each fight is a step toward fulfilling my American dream, a testament to the hard work and sacrifices that have shaped me.

I’m in pursuit of memorable bouts and exhilarating moments. Tszyu represents the current challenge, aiming to usher in a new era, but I’m determined to ensure his aspirations remain unfulfilled.

I thrive on proving doubters wrong. Join us live for an unforgettable experience, where the only echo will be the resounding impact of my punches.

Tim Tszyu:

Stepping into this fight is a privilege. This is a unique opportunity to make a grand statement, and I plan to seize it in extraordinary fashion.

I expect Thurman to match this intensity in the ring, not to evade but to face me head-on, as I aim to secure a knockout within the allotted rounds.

Critiques hold no weight with me. My focus is solely on facing any and all challengers. Much like John Wick, I have a list, and I’m methodically working my way through it. This fight signifies the dawn of my era.

The ambition for the Tszyu family is to become unmatched in boxing history. We’ve come far, but our journey is far from over.

While Thurman’s past accomplishments are recognized, his time at the forefront is concluding. The spotlight now shifts to the ‘Tim Tszyu Era,’ and I plan to make our encounter a spectacle.

Being here is a tremendous honor, the culmination of relentless dedication. The transition from my previous fight to this moment felt like an eternity, but securing Thurman as an opponent was like receiving the ultimate gift. I’m set to showcase my unique, old-school fighting style, characterized by sheer determination and devastating impact in the ring.


To emerge as Prime Video’s inaugural superstar, securing a knockout against Cruz is imperative. It’s the only outcome that will suffice.

The favoritism towards him based on his record post-Gervonta Davis doesn’t faze me. Despite often being the underdog, my confidence in myself, ‘Rolly’, remains unshaken.

My attention is solely on Cruz, rendering other contenders in the 140-pound division moot. My aim is to shine on this grand stage, backed by an expansive platform.

Having spearheaded the promotional efforts for my bout with Gervonta Davis, I’m no stranger to the spotlight.

Whether a Chihuahua, poodle, or resembling a somewhat plump pug, his appearance is telling. Make sure to watch the fight on March 30 to see for yourself.


For now, he can keep talking, but it’ll be him making a fuss post-fight.

My mission is clear: silence ‘Rolly’ and prove my mettle as a legitimate Mexican world champion, bringing the title back to my homeland.

Gratitude extends to all who played a part in bringing this fight to fruition. I’m eager to deliver an unforgettable performance on March 30.

Our relentless pursuit through each bout has paved the way for this world title shot.

Confident in my readiness, I stand proud as a Mexican boxer, ready to showcase my skills on March 30.

This fight is a tribute to my children, a testament to my family’s unwavering support that has propelled me to this stage.

The true victors on fight night will be the fans, as I aim to dethrone ‘Rolly’ and deliver the spectacle they deserve.