Like Father Like Son: Miguel Tyson the spitting image of his father during his teen years

Might we one day see another explosive, powerful, fast and dynamic fighter named Tyson rise to the top of the heavyweight division? If looks, and genetics are anything to go by, Mike Tyson’s 15 year old son, Miguel Leon Tyson, might just become a formidable fighter and give it a try one day in the not too distant future.

The young “Iron Mike” had his luckiest day when, through former pro Bobby Stewart, he met the legendary Cus D’ Amato. Now, with his legendary father guiding him, teenager Miguel should be in good hands should he attempt to make it in the toughest, most demanding of all sports.

Footage has emerged of Miguel blasting the pads held by the former heavyweight king and it really is quite uncanny how much Tyson’s son looks like his father did at around the same age. Short (for a heavyweight), stocky, incredibly fast and explosive, Miguel also has that same look in his eyes Tyson had when he was working over the pads or the heavy bag (and later a sparring partner) up in The Catskills back in the early 1980s.

It’s absolutely embryonic days of course, and it may be that Tyson is merely helping his son get fit or experience just a little bit of what the sport he ruled in is all about. But just imagine if Miguel did box, first as an amateur and then at pro level! And Tyson himself sure made rapid progress, didn’t he? The intimidation factor alone that would be inspired by his being Mike Tyson’s son – with “The Baddest Man on The Planet” working his corner – would likely be enough for Tyson Jr. to get a win.

Following in a famous fighting father’s footsteps is of course nothing we have not seen plenty of young fighters do before, but never in boxing history has a heavyweight king had a son follow him to the heavyweight throne.

If Miguel did one day manage it, Tyson would of course be one happy man. Even now, having seen just a few precious seconds of Miguel in action, fight fans are curious and in the mood to both see and find out more. What kind of a trainer might Tyson make, or might the living legend hand over such a trusted position to someone close to him?

Hasim Rahman Jr is currently trying to follow in his father’s shoes, as was Oliver McCall’s son a few years back. But Miguel Tyson, should he take to the ring, would generate more publicity and attention than any previous ‘Boxing Junior’ ever has.

Such is the utter mystique behind the Tyson name.

Stay tuned. History may await the Tysons.