Liam Williams obliterates Robinson, wants Andrade – Boxing Results

10/11/2020 - By Michael Collins - Comments

British middleweight champion Liam Williams (23-2-1, 18 KOs) is chomping at the bit to challenge Demetrius Andrade for his WBO 160lb title following his first-round knockout win over journeyman Andrew Robinson (24-5-1, 7 KOs) on Saturday night at the BT Sport Studio, Stratford.

Williams took Robinson out with a left to the body in round one. This came after Williams had clashed heads with Robinson in the center ring, which caused a cut on the left side of Liam’s forehead.

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Williams reacted to the cut like an angry bull that had seen red, as he went after the 36-year-old Robinson with a vengeance in hitting him with full force. Feeling the weight of Williams’s heavy punches, Robinson backed up against the ropes.

It was there that Williams hit him with a hard left to the body that caused him to sink to his knees. The fight was stopped right away. Robinson was in pain for the shot and done for the night.

It wasn’t surprising that Williams, 28, knocked out Robinson. After all, this was a stay busy fight for Williams to get ready for a potential title shot against Andrade next year.

Williams said he would have let the fight continue longer, but he was worried that the contest would be stopped after he suffered the cut.

With the win, Williams can challenge for a world title as soon as possible. However, the cut that Williams suffered will probably delay his title shot against Demetrius until early 2021.

Nathan Gorman decisions Richard Lartey

Fighting for the first time since his fifth-round knockout loss to Daniel Dubois in 2019, Nahan Gorman (17-1, 11 KOs) defeated Richard Lartey (14-3, 11 KOs) by a 10 round unanimous decision. The scores were as follows: 99-92, 100-90, and 100-90.

Gorman looked like 20 pounds overweight, and he wasn’t as fast or as active as he normally is. Still, Gorman controlled the fight and had things mostly his way tonight other than an occasional heavy shot from Lartey.

After the fight, Gorman revealed that he’d trimmed off 35 kilos [77 pounds] in training camp for the fight. Sadly, Gorman still looked 20 pounds overweight.

He let himself go following his knockout loss to Daniel Dubois last year, but the lockdown didn’t help things.

Williams panicked after seeing blood

“I wanted it to go a little bit further, get some rounds and get my range and look good and let some shots go, but obviously, we clashed heads,” said Liam Williams after his fight against Andrew Robinson.

“I saw the blood dripping from my head, and I thought it was a bad cut. So I thought, ‘I need to end this before it goes to a technical draw’ or whatever. So let’s get him out today and go home.

Williams wants to know when he’ll get the title shot

“I’m the mandatory challenger for the WBO to fight Demetrius Andrade,” Williams continued. “So it’s a case of when and where give me the date, give me the place, and I’ll be there. And so they need to start enforcing it a little bit.

‘I’m pushing for it because I want my opportunity, and I want it next. I would have liked it to have been this out really, but I’m ticking over, I’m staying in the gym. I’m still learning, believe it or not.

“I’m still learning all the time with Dom [trainer Dominic Ingle]. We’ve been together two years now. I’m still learning a lot, so it’s all good. So I want to be better when the time comes,” said Williams.

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Liam had a 12-week camp with Ingle

“The thing is not to let them go out of the gym for too long,” said coach Ingle. “Liam, he’s becoming a consummate pro now. He’s in Sheffield from Monday to Friday. He goes home on the weekend.

“He does that apart from when the lockdown. He was training at home with his workouts. As soon as the lockdown ended, he was back in the gym full force. He never went far from the mark.

“He fought in December, and he never really lost fitness, and he kept motivated because he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. He knows the world chances are there, and he’s not going to let it slip.
“He’s had two chances already with Liam Smith. This is his third opportunity. I told him to keep on it and keep focused, and he was doing that tonight. That was a 12-week camp, and he lasted two minutes.

“You could see how dangerous he is. Andrew Robinson is a tough kid, and he’s more durable than that, and he goes longer. But Liam went straight out there, crash-bang, and it’s over, and that’s testament to his training.

“You could see that Liam has an emotional side,” said Ingle. “He keeps himself busy and keeps himself entertained. He’s learning. He was younger when he fought for the world title fights [against Liam Smith].

“He’s more mature, he’s more settled, and he’s got a house in Sheffield. He’s living there. So he’s more focused, and he knows what’s coming his way, and it’s a world title.

“He knows it’s going to come. People wait and wait and wait without fighting, and that’s why he’s taking these fights. There not fights that he particularly wants to have, but whatever people that are in front of him, he’s going to fight them.

“He’s going to have a full camp, and he’s not going to cut corners. You can see it’s all money in the bank, and it’s all experience in the bank. So when that fight comes with [Demetrius] Andrade, he’s going to be inactive, he’s [Williams going to be on it, and he’s going to be focused, and he’s not going to let that one slip,” said Ingle.

Liam Williams wants Andrade after the cut heals

“As soon as the cut heals, I’d be ready to go,” said Williams when asked when he wants to challenger Andrade. “I’d like it to be before Christmas, but realistically, it’s not going to happen. I doubt it.

“So I’m just going to stay ticking over unless Frank [Warren] wants to give me another little run out before Christmas and win this [British middleweight] title outright because it is something I’d like to do. Still, it’s whatever that comes,” said Williams.

David Haye says Nathan Gorman needs to lose weight

“I was convinced with his performance. He won every round in my book,” said David Haye to BT Sport Boxing about Gorman’s win over Lartey. “I didn’t learn anything new about his style.

“He didn’t show many anything that I didn’t already know. I’ve seen him up close and personal. I’ve always liked his boxing ability. The way he counters with his left hook is one of his biggest weapons.

“He got caught a couple of times here, but against Lartey, you need to take him out. You don’t want to be doing 10 rounds against the likes of Lartey. You saw how Dubois took him out. He walked onto a big shot, but he didn’t close the show. I definitely feel that Gorman is carrying too much weight.

“Look at the midsection here. He needs to focus on conditioning because the boxing side is there. He’s got all the punches you ever need as a boxer with a heavyweight with quick hands. He’s got very quick feet, but you can only be so quick when you’re carrying two stone of unnecessary weight.

“It’s only going to slow him down, and it’s going to slow his reflexes down. He’s not going to achieve what he can achieve in boxing, which is a lot. I really rate him, but he just needs to change his lifestyle.

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Haye wants to know who’s cooking Gorman’s food

Whatever he’s doing is incorrect at home. I don’t know who’s cooking his food; I don’t know who’s doing his strength and conditioning program.

“I heard his new coach was his amateur coach. You want a professional coach if you’re going into a professional boxing match against dangerous guys. He really does. He needs to take a really hard look at himself and think, ‘Do I really want to be heavyweight champion of the world. Do I really want to go as far as I can?’

“If the answer is yes, then you need to make some serious changes. They’ve both been out for a long time, and both are coming off knockout losses. After I got knocked out in my tenth fight, I came back. I had to change my lifestyle.

“I realized that I wasn’t doing what I needed to do to get to where I need to get to, and I made the adjustments. I paid the price. For me to move from cruiserweight to heavyweight, I had to set alarms in the middle of the night to wake up and have protean shakes.

“This was just to put the weight on. He [Gorman] doesn’t need to be setting alarms eating whatever he’s eating in the middle of the night. He needs to focus on being lean, mean, and training hard and focusing on nothing more than winning.

Gorman should fight Dave Allen next, says Haye

“I love Nathan, but I want to see him do as much as he can do, but he won’t do that by eating what he’s been eating. He needs to change it. I think he should continue with the likes of the Lartey’s, the dangerous guys,” Haye said when asked where does Gorman go from here.

“I need to see him getting someone like Lartey out of there in five or six rounds. He needs to be using his speed of feet, speed of hand to put clusters of punches together, which he does fantastically well. Maybe a Dave Allen.

“I think that would be a good level fight for him. Dave Allen, on his day, can cause an upset. He’s done it in the past, and he’s a similar weight. I think Dave Allen at the moment, that’s a 50-50 fight. So look at someone like Dave Allen and show us what you really got,” said Haye about Gorman.