Tank Davis & Ellerbe react to Valdez’s win over Berchelt

Gervonta ‘Tank Davis and Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe didn’t seem impressed with Oscar Valdez’s win over WBC super featherweight champion Miguel Berchelt last Saturday night on ESPN. Ellerbe says Leo Santa Cruz is more accomplished than Oscar Valdez.

It would be an interesting fight if Tank and Valdez were to go at it. A lot of boxing fans would favor Valdez, though, as he’s got the advantage in boxing skills, mobility, and hand speed.

Ellerbe is predicting Tank Davis (24-0, 23 KOs) will knock out Valdez (29-0, 23 KOs) if that fight happens. Likewise, Tank is also saying that he’ll take care of Valdez.

Ellerbe didn’t like the fact that Tank’s win over the much smaller Leo Santa Cruz has been minimized by boxing fans, who don’t see it as a big accomplishment considering that Leo was coming up in weight from 126.

Gervonta Davis, Leonard Ellerbe, Miguel Berchelt, Óscar Valdez - Boxing News

This was the fourth division for Santa Cruz, who started his career out at 118, and has steadily moved from 122, 126 to finally 130, where he was knocked out in the sixth round on October 31st by Tank.

“Lol hold up, Leo is far more accomplished than Valdez but he was too small, right? Valdez comes from 26 but he’s not too small? Which narrative is it? Can’t have it both ways, btw Tank would knock him the fk out!💯” said Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe on Twitter.

A lot of boxing fans would disagree with Ellerbe on his comment that Santa Cruz is more accomplished than Oscar Valdez. Santa Cruz’s best career win came against Abner Mares, a fighter that was previously exposed by Jhonny Gonzalez in getting blown out in one round in 2013.

Santa Cruz’s second notable win came against Carl Frampton, and that was a controversial decision.

Valdez’s wins over Berchelt and Scott Quigg certainly top Santa Cruz’s best wins.


“He moved up in weight, that’s a part of boxing,” said Tank about Leo Santa Cruz. “Nobody said nothing when I moved up to 135, or y’all don’t remember when I came from 126 too.

“Maybe because I went from a 10 round straight to a world championship fight with only 15 fights. Highest paid $$$.” said Gervonta.

Gervonta Davis, Leonard Ellerbe, Miguel Berchelt, Óscar Valdez - Boxing News

If Tank’s promoter’s at Mayweather Promotions want to put him in with Oscar Valdez, they need to contact Top Rank to make the fight happen.

For that fight to happen, Tank would need to come down to 130. Valdez isn’t going to move up to 135 to accommodate him.

24 thoughts on “Tank Davis & Ellerbe react to Valdez’s win over Berchelt”

  1. Tank hasn’t ducked none of those fighters, there ducking him thats why there always fighting each other, Berchelt and Valdez are overrated and would get destroyed Tank but I bet he won’t fight Tank!!!

  2. It would be a great fight. Tank is bigger and stronger, but Valdez is faster and has a great left hook. Valdez proved that he isn’t afraid to fight a bigger fighter, hopefully his camp agrees to fight G Davis. The fans will be the winners.

  3. Listen Valdezs accuracy and his speed is overwhelming compared to Tank .Tanks going to rush in throwing a wild punch and he’s going to get caught with a powerful accurate uppercut and he will definitely taste the canvas and I can’t wait to see it .I wanna see the Look on Floyddy Boy JRs face get it done Floydd don’t let fear of your little blow boy getting knocked out stop you. KNOCK HIS HEAD OFF Valdez your a real champion

    • Stop the cap dude tanks not a wild puncher his power is calculated leo Santa Cruz Ko was a counter punch do you even watch boxing tank by ko easily

  4. Mexican fighters don’t running around to win a fight Valdez is 29 fights no loses I wonder if tank can get 29 fights with out losing.????? Because one punch is all it takes……

  5. I’m Hispanic but Tank is pretty well rounded as a boxer and he’s a great champion respectful and humble very professional. I think the only other boxer that could beat him is Josh Taylor, because he has shown proven himself with top of the line opponents and beaten them like Regis Prograis whom I thought was like Tank but lost. It’ll be a good fight but probably won’t happen unless there’s alot of money and titles involved.

  6. Tank is pretty savage I’ll give you that but he has no boxing skills , search and destroy , come up against a boxer he ‘ll get frustrated and get knocked out !!!

  7. Davis is no different, he saw the power, and commented the only way he could.His heart isn’t as big as Valdez.

  8. Berchelt is a good fighter but him getting knocked out was bound to happen. He throws a lot of hard punches and is entertaining. If you watch his previous fights he would get clipped but the other fighter didn’t have the power to hurt him. Valdez does and so does Tank. I think it would be disastrous if Valdez fought Tank next. Valdez should fight Shakur and the winner fight Tank.

  9. True Mexican champs always want to fight the best opposition.. Mayweather n co. are afraid to take fights they’re not sure they can win

  10. Tank been ducking Berchelt for years. He saw him get easily smoke by Valdez. What makes anyone think Tank would take that fight?

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