Leonard Ellerbe supports Errol Spence wanting Crawford rematch at 154

By Will Arons - 09/20/2023 - Comments

Leonard Ellerbe of Mayweather Promotions backs Errol Spence Jr’s preference to have the rematch with Terence Crawford at 154 rather than 147 to make it easier for him to make weight.

Ellerbe feels that having the rematch at 154 would make a difference between it’s seven pounds, and Spence will be more comfortable at that weight than he was at 147.

Leonard says that Spence didn’t have to fight Crawford, and he gave him that opportunity.  He wanted to do it for the fans.

Ideally, Crawford should give Spence the rematch at 154 rather than looking to gain an advantage by making him come down to 147 to increase the chances of victory.

Ellerbe points out that he hadn’t heard from Crawford’s team that he was insisting on the rematch taking place at 147 with Spence.

Crawford hasn’t spoken up to say that the rematch with Spence must be at 147; perhaps the person who is doing the talking for him from his team is voicing his own preferences rather than it coming from Terence.

Spence (28-1, 22 KOs) looked weight-drained from making the 147-lb limit last July, which some believe cost him the fight to Crawford (40-0, 31 Kos), who looked much more comfortable getting down to the limit.

“Did Terence say that, or did someone in his team say that?” said Leonard Ellerbe to Fight Hub TV, reacting to being told that Terence Crawford wants the rematch with Errol Spence Jr. at 147, not 154.

“Oftentimes, what you see in the sport is people speak, but they don’t have all the information. I personally haven’t heard that, nor have I inquired about it,” Ellerbe continued about the reports of Crawford saying the rematch Errol with has to take place at 147.”

Crawford should at least speak up to tell the fans & the media what weight the rematch with Spence rather than letting his team member do the talking for him and upsetting a lot of people in doing so.

But Errol gave him the opportunity when he didn’t have to.  He made the fight because he wanted to do it for the fans,”  said Ellerbe. “He sacrificed some things. So, in my opinion, you got to do what you got to do.

“154 is seven pounds North. It does make a difference. Errol Spence is an incredible fighter, and Crawford is too. If that’s what Errol wants to do in the rematch, I support him wholeheartedly because he as a fighter, as man, he knows what he wants, and if  Crawford will grant him that opportunity to give it to the fans.

“Errol didn’t have a good night that night, but it’s sometimes like that. He just wants the opportunity to go redeem himself, and I support that,” said Ellerbe.

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