Lennox Lewis Is Still The Greatest British Heavyweight Ever; But Tyson Fury Is Closing In

What a fight it really would have been: the prime Lennox Lewis Vs. the current, primed version of Tyson Fury. This one is a Dream Fight that often gets, well dreamt about – especially now, with Fury so on top of his game and so very clearly the best big man on the planet today. But despite Fury’s achievements, despite his current dominance, Lewis still reigns supreme as the greatest British heavyweight of all-time.

Fury of course is not done yet (or maybe he is; we must wait and see what Fury, 31-0-1(22) does next but some boxing folk have said they would not be shocked if the 33 year old decided to walk away soon, his work done; Carl Froch for one said something along these lines) – and Fury may go on to add significantly to his resume and to his legacy. And maybe, with wins over Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua (still a huge fight, even if AJ is again beaten by Usyk) and Dillian Whyte, Fury would have a real case for being ranked above Lewis as the best Brit to have ever ruled the heavyweight landscape.

But right now, Lewis’ resume, his amazing list of achievements and his excellent list of wins over ultra-solid opposition, ensures Lennox remains where he is – as the best of British. Fury has great wins over Wladimir Klitschko and Deontay Wilder X2. Lewis has great wins over; Evander Holyfield, Vitali Klitschko, Mike Tyson (albeit a faded version), David Tua, Razor Ruddock, Tommy Morrison, Ray Mercer and Andrew Golota. Also, Lewis avenged his two losses in commanding fashion in crushing Hasim Rahman (who Lennox crushed physically) and Oliver McCall (who Lewis crushed mentally).

Yes, the argument can be made that Lewis DID lose, whereas Fury has not (and maybe never will), but Lennox came back and he put things right, in doing so beating every single man he ever faced in the ring. It is though that long list of elite fighters that Lewis defeated that makes him the top dog as far as the greatest British heavyweight of all-time goes.

Fury, as special as he is, has a ways to go before he can take over Lewis in terms of C.V. Lewis, 42-1-1(32) never avoided anyone and he managed to overcome all manner of styles. But again, what a fight it would have been had a peak Lewis faced the current version of Fury!

8 thoughts on “Lennox Lewis Is Still The Greatest British Heavyweight Ever; But Tyson Fury Is Closing In”

  1. Lewis beat Klitschko the same way Ali beat Cooper and Quarry – on cuts. Don’t forget Lewis had won the last two rounds before it was stopped. Lewis was an all time great, not just a great British fighter.

    • Let us not forget how Ali cheated against Cooper – a deliberately cut glove saving him from an almost certain beating at the hands of the Englishman.

  2. Yeah, Mike, now those were the days of real fights. Not these cheating glove tampering and drugging opponents we have today.
    The legendary greats like klitschko and Lennox Lewis would never cheat. They left the sport in a better place for having been true deserved champions.

    • Yea stay anonymous you sound as dumb as wilder 😂 margarito was the only dude that did that and was caught. With how things are done now there is no way furry cheated so get educated a little more be for you post just anything and look stupid in doing So. Gets your facts straight and than post. Good luck wilder fan 😂

    • Klitschko was certainly a true champion. Lewis ran away from a rematch after scraping a decision against Klitschko that most commentators felt he didn’t deserve. Losing against a couple of nobodies also tarnished the reputation of the Canadian. Hardly a great.

    • Sez know anything about boxing, you blockhead Winnie, can’t you think for your self? You pinheaded deluded fury fanboys are delusional and in denial about it. Once a crackhead always a crack head cheater. End of story.

  3. Lewis beat Klitschko on a technicality; a lucky cut on Klitschko saved him from certain defeat and he ran away from the prospect of a rematch. A tarnished legacy for the CANADIAN.

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