Fury: ‘Wilder is done! There’s no more Deontay Wilder’

Tyson Fury says he’s finished Deontay Wilder with his 11th round knockout victory last Saturday night in their trilogy match at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Wilder should have won the fight due to 15 seconds elapsing in his second knockdown of Fury in the fourth round.

If you look at the replay, it appears that Fury was given extra time. Was it a mistake by referee Russell Mora? If so, the WBC needs to order a rematch. As of now, it’s hard to view this as a true victory for Fury given the controversy.

The WBC will need to look at the replay of the fight to determine whether Wilder deserves a rematch because Fury appeared to have been given a long count in the fourth round.

Bitter about Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) not wanting to shake his hand, WBC heavyweight champion Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) came across like a poor winner. Instead of being happy, Fury has totally fixated afterward about Wilder not wanting to shake his hand. Wilder had a good reason for not wanting to shake Fury’s hand.

“There’s no rematch clause. It’s actually done. There’s no more Deontay Wilder,” said Fury in responding to questions about Deontay.

If you look at the fourth round, there’s an excellent reason why Wilder didn’t want to shake Fury’s hand and that’s because he may have felt he was robbed of a knockout.

In the second knockdown of Fury by Wilder in the fourth round, it appears Tyson was given a long count in eyes of many boxing fans.

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This writer believes Fury was given a clear long count in the knockdown in the fourth. Referee Russell Mora should have stopped the fight and given Wilder the knockout victory. Did Mora lose track during his counting or what? What happened for Fury to be given 15 seconds?

Instead, Fury beat what appears to be a long count and went to defeat Wilder. It’s disturbing obviously for fans, seeing Fury given a long count.

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury boxing image / photo

This would be a repeat of the first fight in which Fury was knocked out in the 12th round, but the referee didn’t stop the contest and went in the opposite direction after Tyson had been dropped. Instead of going towards Tyson to begin the count, the referee went in the opposite direction.

It’s disturbing how Fury should have been knocked out twice in fights with Wilder only to be given counts that saved him.

For some boxing fans, it makes them view the sport as a popularity contest where the A-side game will regardless.

You get the controversial decisions all the time, but when you start seeing fighters failing to be counted out, it makes you think the sport is like professional wrestling.

28 thoughts on “Fury: ‘Wilder is done! There’s no more Deontay Wilder’”

  1. So what if fury got caught cheating again? He is still the better boxer so it doesn’t matter because he would have won anyway.

  2. Well by looking at this knock down count is definitely not making this fight a mob control betting thing also forfeit this fight and make a rematch

  3. I was a neutral fan hoping for a good scrap, but all I saw was fury throwing 3 and 4 punch combos to Wilder’s single pinches. No brainer who is the better pugilist, not even close. All this cheating and 10 count bs has always been normal for boxing. I watched all the greats from the late 70’s through the 80’s and this is nothing in the crooked Dept.

  4. Get off wilders dick columnist, if wilder would’ve gone to a neutral corner and not his own corner then there wouldn’t be a delay so that’s hit fault and that’s part of the rules plus fury would’ve gotten up quicker if the ref was counting in the moment he was chilling once he heard the 6-7 he got up smh

  5. This 10 count is a pretty standard count in boxing. They don’t use stopwatches for the count. Wilder also needs to immediately go to a neutral corner, we all know that the ref will stop the count to instruct the standing fighter to go to a neutral corner. Finally the knockdown comes from one of the worst rabbit punches to the back of the head.

  6. Deontay wilder a cry baby ,,thinks he the Goat like laybonz James two of a kind want something handed to them,,,Tyson Fury handed him a 3 loss and his ass,,wilder got injured when that melon bounced of the canvass,,,,,Ali,,Mike Tyson are the goats,,,Wilder is not a boxer and it shows and Fury proved that point

  7. SMB,
    What do you mean Deontay Wilder could be permanently injured, no body wants that?
    Deontay Wilder is permanently injured financially, in terms of legacy and probably neurologically as well from the metal loaded gloves. The goal was to injure Deontay Wilder with drugging and glove tampering.
    That’s obvious and necessary when going against
    Deontay Wilder. Without all that, it wouldn’t be a fair fight cause fury would have to be scraped up off of the canvas. They’re afraid. A bunch of pilling on ganging up bullies. When they are alone they’re timid and all smiles.

  8. J,
    The glove issue has been a matter of contention in virtually every fury fight. His family comes from a bare knuckle style of fighting, he fights bare knuckle while his opponents have padded gloves.
    Those gloves didn’t look new by a long shot. The fury team always is saying,” we won’t fight klitschko without our special gloves, well call off the fight.”
    That’s what happened, Floyd Mayweather offered to pay a million dollars, once to have regular gloves used . It’s in the contract in other words if Deontay Wilder insisted on padded gloves the fight would have been called off.
    Please stop defending a lying cheat.

  9. remember when Ali and liston fought and the old school boxing crap was put into the gloves and temporarily blinded Ali?
    Now the biological warfare industry has developed some very specific germ warfare potions. Countless in variation and variable in application and form.
    This drug addict didn’t beat Deontay Wilder, his apothecarialistic sorcerer’s brewed up a couldren of designer drugs again for the occasion.

    • Anonymous. You sound like your mad that your boy got beat fair 3 times by a better boxer. You assume if the ref counted faster he wouldn’t have made it up to beat the count? All boxers usually stay down until about 7 or 8. Recover as long as they can. If the ref counts slow, stay a little longer. He was getting up no matter what. Counting out a knock down is not 10 seconds from the time he hits the floor. Secondly if wilder breaks the rules and don’t stay in his corner while the ref is counting maybe he can’t be so mad at the ref. It’s his own fault. Fury would have beat the count either way. Furthermore, any talk about tampered gloves is just absurd. You got Wilders team there watching everything. Then after the fight, those gloves are taken off and sent to the commission for testing. Wilders corner doesn’t didn’t drug him and his suit had nothing to do with his condition. As he was just as tired and played out as fight 2. You are pretty much an internet troll who literally knows nothing about boxing. You likely can’t even name the top ten heavyweights with using Google.

  10. Who died and made you the boss? There’s an undeniable pattern of cheating on the part of fury.
    Maybe you took to many punches to see the obvious, and that is all fury does is lie and cheat. He does it all the time. And people like you support those lies. Gloves flopping around all over the place camera’s rolling bribed judges and referee’s spiked water holding neck wrenching tripping rabbit punching and eggweight loaded gloves. And your talking about,” I fought a thousand fights, and my gloves always bend, ” ” Those pictures of fingers clearly visible through the leather gloves are fake.” You face it fury couldn’t beat Deontay Wilder without cheating.

  11. Go ahead and unify the division and get out of the way of legitimate fighters. Drugged opponents is the norm for fury, and he does so with the approval and help of the WBC, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and the fans are aware of it and tired of years of clogging up the division. You are bad for the sport, you are not the real legitimate belt holder, and you aren’t fooling anyone. Everyone knows how you are and what you did.

  12. Simple, in reality he lost all three fights, there was nothing close to a draw. The only reason they made that fight a draw was because they were aiming for a trilogy ever since fight talks started. But since what they thought would happen did not happen and Fury kicked his ass!!!! Then they went ahead and tried to extend the embarrassment by making three fights. People!!! He kicked his a$$, you guysbare making more excuses than Wilder himself and that’s a hell of a lot of excuses. Most of you have never been in the ring, I spent 17 years in the squared circle and from an ex fighters perspective Wilder got his a$$ beat again!!!!!. The only difference in this last fight was that he added simple changes to his arsenal but of course ended up swaying away from the game plan and got KO’d. The author of this article posted above stated Fury is a poor winner, no he is a WINNER!!!! HE WON!!!! CLEAN!!!. stop the BS. Seems like he’s taking it like a man why don’t you do the same. By the way If Fury we’re to have lost and walked out without shaking his hand you guys would have been scolding him from that very second. So quit the nonsense. You LOST. In fact I was going for Wilder but an admission of defeat is more honorable than a denial of losing. Like Wilder said, “I did my best, but it wasn’t good enough”. The first time I heard him say anything that made sense. He will bounce back but never be delete unless some drastic changes take place. Stop crying, this is a warrior sport.

    • Thank you!!!! I was pulling for Wilder in all 3 fights but I became a Fury fan during this trilogy. Wilder showed exceptional heart and determination only to throw all the good will away by being a poor loser. In the 30+ rounds they fought Wilder won maybe 8 rounds. Please with the long count it’s just grasping at straws now. I like Wilder but the last thing I want is this fight again. Next time Wilder could be permanently injured by Fury. No one wants that.

  13. They have this liquid that is rubbed on the gloves, and is absorbed through the skin especially with the mucus membranes in the eye. It weakens the fighter, it’s very powerful. It was used on me and it poisoned my whole body. Then people don’t believe that you were poisoned.

    • 1. If you get hit in the face you feel lightheaded
      2. Putting something on your gloves is self defeating as you keep your gloves close to your face

      The long count is debatable, as they have been in many matches over the years, but enough of the other conspiracy theories.

  14. Deontay Wilders teams objections were over ruled by the Nevada State Athletic Commission approval of fury’s old and used gloves with out padding.
    No padding again and again and again and again.

    • The gloves are brought in brand new and showed to Wilders team. They even cut them open and showed they had the same amount of padding. This is all on TV
      Quit lying

  15. Liar, liar pants on fire. Big lies too. One right after another. Sociopathological , ( I invented the word ), fibbers.

  16. Deontay Wilders was cheated every time he fought, only his knockouts saved him from being robbed on the score cards.

  17. Deontay Wilder can’t be beat legitimately. From the inception of fury’s career he has been caught up in dishonesty. His legacy of cheating is well documented, in the UK, fury isn’t allowed to fight anymore as a result of being caught cheating so many times.

  18. My finger pointing to fury’s teams legacy of chronic pattern corruption is justifiable. Get out of the sport you bald headed cheat with out hair.

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