Lennox Lewis: I feel kind of bad for Wladimir Klitschko

Former undisputed heavyweight king Lennox Lewis says that although the current heavyweight division is “wide open,” Wladimir Klitschko remains the man to beat. Speaking with The New Zealand Herald, Lewis said that with Tyson Fury unable to fight (for well-documented reasons we all know about) Klitschko is “still the man to beat right now.”

Lewis, who of course called it quits on a great career after a win over Wladimir’s brother Vitali, says he “feels bad” for Klitschko, who is unable to try and avenge his decision loss to the troubled Fury.

“The heavyweight division is wide open right now. It’s there for the taking,” Lewis said. “It’s really down to who wants to step in there first, step into the arena first, and take that chance against Klitschko. Klitschko’s armour has been hitched in the sense he’s lost already, so he’s there, he’s beatable. He is still the man to beat right now. I feel kind of bad for him because his belts have gone all over the place right now. The guy who beat him [Fury], he’s not able to step into the ring and face him, and now he’s supposed to fight Anthony Joshua and that fight fell through. The man he really wants to fight is Tyson Fury.”

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But will Klitschko ever get that return chance with Fury? Will Fury ever box again? Next year could prove interesting for Klitschko – with a fight with Joshua a possibility for the spring – and 2017 could see four or five champions all competing for the top spot. Regarding Joshua’s upcoming second defence, set for December 10 against a very determined Eric Molina, Lewis sees a short night for A.J.

“I think Anthony Joshua has a good fight in the sense it’s not going to be difficult,” Lewis said. “Obviously he’s still got to watch out and not take any chances. I think it should be a three-round fight for him.”

Molina disagrees and believes he will cause the upset next month. If the Mexican/American can do it, the heavyweight division will be even more wide open.