Kovalev will earn $500K in his bout against Bernard Hopkins

We are just about a week away from one of the more talked about Bernard Hopkins bouts in a long time. While Hopkins (55-6-2) has already achieved more than most boxers could expect for themselves, at the age of 49 he is certainly pushing those limits of father time and human physiology. Nevertheless, the adrenaline of stepping through the ropes as well as the comfort of the cheering crowd is something that Hopkins is not willing to abandon just yet.

On November 8th, Hopkins will face a ferocious opponent that many believe will force Bernard into a retirement. Sergey Kovalev (25-0-1) has close to a 90% knockout rate, with the majority of them taking place in the first couple rounds. At the age of 31, and clearly either reaching or being at the peak of his physical abilities, Kovalev has slowly been making his way into the hearts of boxing fans. On numerous occasions I have heard Kovelv’s style being directly compared to that of Golovkin’s.

This is most certainly a huge fight for both fighters, as well as the boxing fans. Hopkins will enter the ring with decades of experience and refinement, while Kovalev will bring freight-train style with a very hungry heart.

With all that being said, it is very peculiar that for such a big event, Kovalev will walk out with a fairly low $500,000 paycheck. Understandably, this is the kind of opportunity that has no monetary value for Kovalev, still I find this number to be unparallel to the significance of the event.

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