Khan – Brook Presser Turns Ugly, With Homophobic Jibes And Accusations Of Racism

02/17/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Today’s final press conference ahead of Saturday night’s “Judgement Day” clash between long-time bitter rivals Amir Khan and Kell Brook turned more than a little ugly at times. There was the usual pre-fight taunting we have all long since come to expect from these events, but things also got a little out of hand. Brook spoke about the long history he and Khan have, with Brook speaking about the time he and Khan shared a room together as amateurs.

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Khan interjected instantly: “Hold on, Kell, that doesn’t sound right… don’t laugh. Listen, I haven’t shared a room with you, don’t be saying that,” Khan said to Brook whilst laughing. “That doesn’t sound right, Kell, especially with the stuff I’ve heard.”

Brook asked Khan what he was referring to, but Khan would not go into it any deeper. “It’s you who was on gay sites w*****g yourself off!” Brook hurled at his rival. At this point, Sky Sports’ Adam Smith tried to cool things down.

Khan then accused Brook of having made a racist slur against him.

“You know, I saw a video where you said that you were going to smash that popadom chin in. You said that, didn’t you?” Khan said. “You shouldn’t have said that.”

“Everyone knows they’re very fragile, like your chin,” Brook explained.

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But the damage was done. If these two didn’t like each other before today’s presser (and they sure as heck did not), they sure don’t now. Khan then turned serious again.

“I am worried about a few things,” Khan said. “I’m worried about Kell’s health after the beating that I’m going to give him. The beating he’s going to get is something he’s never got before, and all the talking as well, we’re going to definitely put him in his place.”

Brook smiled, stating once again that he will get the knockout win on Saturday. Interestingly, Brook also said he “might” come in above the contracted weight limit of 149 pounds. If this is the case, Brook will face a hefty fine. However, as Brook is known to have struggled to make 147 even in his prime and may well risk being drained if he does boil down to 149, some people – such as Johnny Nelson – have said Brook would be better off coming in heavy and paying the fine. We will see what happens during tomorrow’s weigh-in.

No doubt the two fighters will have more insults to hurl at each other tomorrow.

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