Keyshawn Davis: “Lomachenko clearly won the fight”

05/21/2023 - By Jeff Sorby - Comments

Lightweight contender Keyshawn Davis liked what he saw of the Devin Haney vs. Vasyl Lomachenko fight, but he didn’t agree with the decision, calling it “trash.”

Keyshawn says he had Lomachenko (17-3, 11 KOs) winning 8-4 over the undisputed 135-lb champion Haney (30-0, 15 KOs). He didn’t see much of what Haney was doing that would indicate that he deserved to be given the decision by the three Nevada judges that worked the bout.

The fight was scored 116-112, 115-113, and 115-113, all for the 24-year-old Haney. Dave Moretti, the judge that scored the fight 8-4 for Haney, has taken a lot of criticism from boxing fans for his wide score.

Keyshawn says that after that performance, Haney will be knocked out for sure if he fights Gervonta Davis. He gets hit too much and was having problems taking the shots from Lomachenko.

As for the 35-year-old Lomachenko, Keyshawn thinks he should move back down to super featherweight [130] if he can make the weight.

“The fight was amazing. It was a hell of a fight from round one to round twelve. The decision, that was trash,” said Keyhawn Davis to Fight Hub TV, reacting to undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney coming out victorious over Vasyl Lomachenko.

“About 8-4, Lomachenko, for sure. I didn’t see a lot that Devin was doing. I’m going to go back and watch on camera, but I didn’t really see too much Devin was doing to win the fight,” Keyshawn continued.

“He’s still got it. I was saying that Lomachenko would show us something that we don’t expect, and I feel like he did that tonight. We’ve never seen Devin Haney get hit like that by nobody.

“Lomachenko showed up and showed out tonight. He could stay at 135, but his best bet is go to 130 if he can make it. He’s old, so I wouldn’t say jump back in there. He’s experienced enough to know when to get back in there.

“So it’s all about what he wants to do with his body and how he recovers. Devin Haney and Tank? Tank is going to knock Devin out for sure. We seen it tonight with an old Lomachenko. We seen Teofimo beat Lomachenko so easy that this s**t didn’t even make no sense. So Tank is going to knock Devin’s a** out all the way.

“I didn’t think it was going to go down like that. I just felt that Lomachenko clearly won the fight. It was as clear as day. There was no reason why I feel that Devin should have got a decision.

“It was a good fight. I ain’t hating on it, but I don’t feel like he won the fight,” said Keyshawn.

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