Joshua vs Ruiz II Predictions, Running Order, Odds & Start Time

12/05/2019 - By DAZN - Comments

Ahead the what many consider to be the biggest heavyweight fight of the decade between Andy Ruiz, Jr. and Anthony Joshua, DAZN collected predictions from fighters, celebrities, and boxing experts. Below is a collection of these predictions which included surprising selections and intriguing insights from some of those who know boxing best.

51 predictions were collected including selections from 26 current fighters, highlighted by seven current world champions and 11 fighters in the heavyweight division. Most notably from the heavyweight ranks, Saturday’s challenger Anthony Joshua gives his prediction for the fight and current WBC world champion Deontay Wilder gives his take on tomorrow afternoon’s rematch.

The results exemplified the 50/50 nature of Saturday’s contest as the results were dead even. 22 people predicted that current unified world champion Andy Ruiz, Jr. will successfully defend his belts in Saudi Arabia, while 22 others pegged Anthony Joshua to emerge as two-time unified heavyweight world champion. Seven of those polled were too torn to make a decision at all.

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Andy Ruiz, Jr. – 22

Anthony Joshua – 22

Undecided – 7


Anthony Joshua, former unified world heavyweight champion

Anthony Joshua, KO 9/10 Round

“I am not there to outbox him. I’m getting a knockout. I am going to treat him like a tree – chop him down and chop him down. In the later rounds, in round nine or round 10, I will knock him out.”

Deontay Wilder, current WBC world heavyweight champion

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“I see Ruiz coming back in, doing the exact same thing he did the first time. In rematches, when you get two guys in there sharing each other’s energy, you sort of know what they’re going to do. Although you can go back into the gym, strategize and get new ideas, like Mike Tyson said, ‘Everyone has a plan until they get hit.’ And sometimes when you get hit, you go back to what you know. Ruiz still has nothing to lose. The pressure is still on Joshua to show it’s a fluke, to show it was a bad night in the office. I’m not saying Joshua can’t win. He can put it together and get the victory, but my pick is Ruiz.”

Dominic Breazeale, contender and title challenger

Anthony Joshua, TKO 10th Round

Anthony Joshua wins. I believe that Joshua learns from his mistakes and boxes the first three rounds until he sees an opening. In the fourth round Joshua will take advantage of it. The seventh round is the most exciting round of the fight with both fighters being knocked down. In the end, however, I see Joshua coming out on top via 10th-round TKO, referee’s stoppage.”

Efe Ajagba, undefeated prospect and contender

Andy Ruiz, KO 6th Round

Anthony Joshua wants his title back, but this fight could be even more difficult for both he and Andy Ruiz than the first. In my opinion, the only way Joshua can win is to keep Ruiz on the end of his jab and to fight from the outside. But that won’t be easy because Ruiz throws fast combinations, and after being dropped in their first fight, he got up, dropped Joshua and came on to knock him out. That’s why I’m going with Ruiz to win it again, this time, by knockout in the sixth or seventh round.”

Adam Kownacki, undefeated contender

Andy Ruiz, KO 9th Round

I think the Andy Ruiz-Anthony Joshua fight is close to call. Both fighters are very well prepared and it’s the heavyweight division where one punch could end everything. I feel that the winner will be who wants it more. Does Andy want to be know as a heavyweight champ and to prove that the first fight was not just won by luck? Or will Anthony do everything to get his title back? I’m not convince Anthony wants the title back. I have Andy winning again.”

Charles Martin, contender and former IBF champion

Andy Ruiz, KO 6th Round

Me and Andy Ruiz have the same coach, Manny Robles, and we train at the same gym, so I am going with the home team. I think Andy has Anthony Joshua’s number, anyway. I don’t know if it will be KO or decision, but I am picking Andy to win. One thing I know for sure is win, lose or draw, I want Anthony Joshua back in the ring because Charles Martin at 100 percent knocks him out. I will win a belt in 2020 and entice Joshua back into the ring, so hopefully he keeps on fighting after December 7.”

Luis Ortiz, two-time heavyweight title challenger

Anthony Joshua, Decision Victory

In my heart, I truly want for Andy Ruiz to pull off another victory over Anthony Joshua once again. But I believe that Joshua has learned a valuable lesson from losing the first fight. So I believe that Joshua will stay at a distance and that he will out-box Ruiz on the way to winning a decision.”

Frank Sanchez, undefeated prospect and contender

Anthony Joshua, Decision Victory

“Anthony Joshua has superior boxing skills and the height and reach advantage over Andy Ruiz. I believe Joshua took Ruiz for granted the first time around and did not have adequate time to prepare for Ruiz’s style after preparing for a completely different opponent.  For the rematch, Joshua will take Ruiz seriously and have time to prepare and make the necessary adjustments in order to win. Joshua by unanimous decision.”

Gerald Washington, title challenger and contender

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“I am in camp with Andy Ruiz, and I’m witnessing, first-hand, that everything I have heard about his fast hand and his skills is true. Anthony Joshua is a great fighter and he was a tremendous champion, but Andy beat him the first time and I believe that he has the confidence to do it again.”

Joseph Parker, former WBO world heavyweight champion

Anthony Joshua, Victory

“Not too sure but if I had to pick someone I think AJ will win if he uses his reach and height and moves around. Andy us one damn tough guy though and his pressure and counter punching is spot on.”

Mihai Nistor, current undefeated heavyweight


“The first one was a big surprise when Ruiz won. Now we don’t know. Now Ruiz has fans all over the world and Joshua has been silent in training. Hard decision and I truly can’t decide”


Claressa Shields, undisputed female middleweight world champion

Anthony Joshua, Late KO

“I have AJ winning the rematch. Why? Because that loss forced him to change up many things. He is slimmer now, using angles and knows what he is up against. I believe Ruiz will come with the smoke he had in the first fight but people forget that Joshua dropped Ruiz first! So I see a late KO by Anthony Joshua if he sticks a hard fast jab in Ruiz’s face and get the combinations going.”

Amanda Serrano, seven-division world champion

Andy Ruiz, Jr, Mid/Late TKO Victory

I think that Ruiz will win again. I think mentally he has the edge and Anthony, although a good fighters, doesn’t look real confident. I predict Ruiz stops him in the mid to late rounds.

Demetrius Andrade, current WBA middleweight world champion


“History shows that the person who won the first time is going to win the next time. If Ruiz gets inside and uses his faster hands then it’s probably going to go the same way. But Joshua is a great fighter and if he adjusts and uses his reach to keep Ruiz on the outside then Joshua can pull of the win and get his belts back. Either way, I expect a great fight and may the best man win.”

Jaime Munguia, former super welterweight world champion and current contender

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“I think that Andy Ruiz will come stronger. He has more confidence in himself. Now the pressure is on Joshua’s side. Sincerely, I feel that Andy Ruiz will walk away with his hand raised.”

Roman Gonzalez, four-division world champion

Andy Ruiz, KO

“I believe that Ruiz has less pressure to win this time. Not much about his mindset has changed since winning the first fight and entering the rematch, I think that Joshua’s mindset is insecure. There are so many people trying to tell him what he should do in order to beat Ruiz.”

Dmitry Bivol, current WBA light heavyweight world champion

Anthony Joshua, KO 8th Round

“I think Joshua should win in the second half of the fight. Let it be 8th round KO.”

Danny Roman, current IBF and WBA super bantamweight world champion


“For me, it’s a 50/50 fight. Whoever can take the hardest shots will win, but this doesn’t go more than six rounds.”

Tevin Farmer, current IBF super featherweight world champion

Anthony Joshua, KO

“I honestly think it’s a 50/50 fight but Joshua’s going to knock him out. I don’t know what round but he’s going to know Ruiz out.”

Carl Frampton, former two-weight world champion

Anthony Joshua, Decision Victory

“I go with Joshua, but someone is getting knocked out. Mentally, Joshua needs to be strong to regain the titles.”

Oscar Valdez, former featherweight champion

Andy Ruiz, KO

“He has a great trainer and is putting in the time and effort in the gym.”

Andy Lee, former middleweight world champion


“The only thing I am certain of is that I don’t know who is going to win. It’s the hardest fight I can remember in a long time. There’s ways that both men can win obviously. It’s about their mentality now. Has it damaged Joshua? Will Ruiz be as hungry now? He has the money, the fame and the belts now. I can see Joshua boxing disciplined and winning on points, or Ruiz breaking him down again. A lot might depend on the night and who can handle the occasion. But I think the first round is most important. Whoever wins the first round sets the tone.”

Lamont Roach, Jr.

Andy Ruiz, KO

“I think Andy Ruiz is going to have more confidence coming into this fight. I think the beginning of this fight will be different than the first fight. Anthony Joshua came in very confident and dropped Ruiz. If that happens again, you never know if he will get up because AJ is a huge puncher. It’s a toss-up but I know Andy Ruiz will be more confident this time and if he hits him the right way he will knock him out again.”

Regis Prograis, former WBA super lightweight world champion

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“I’m really thinking Ruiz will take it. Last time, it looked like Joshua was a little too relaxed. Before the fight, he was just too relaxed in the ring. I don’t think he’s going to make that same mistake. But at the same time, I think Ruiz might just have his number. Ruiz trained hard for this rematch too and he’s not going to want people to think it’s a fluke. It’s a hard one to call but I’m rolling with Ruiz.”

Blair Cobb, undefeated welterweight prospect

Andy Ruiz, KO 9th Round

“Andy Ruiz will come out with the victorious knockout in the ninth round.”

Jessie Vargas, two-division world champion


“This is one fight that I’m excited for! The fight looks very competitive, to the point where I can see both fighters scoring knockdowns and ultimately a winner by KO in the later rounds in a great fight.”



Bernard Hopkins, Boxing Hall of Famer

Anthony Joshua, TKO/UD

“Joshua needs to win impressively to prove that the first fight was a fluke. I can see him getting a unanimous decision but that would almost feel like a loss. He needs to be impressive. To me, this fight feels like Lennox Lewis vs. Hasim Rahman 2. Anthony Joshua needs to channel his Lennox Lewis with a big, impressive win.”

Sugar Ray Leonard, Boxing Hall of Famer


“Ruiz gets the mental edge here as he has shocked the boxing world once. Joshua must show the world that it was nothing more than a fluke. This fight, I feel, is based on who controls what happens in this second fight and forgets about the first fight the best. This second fight actually reminds me of my second fight against Roberto Duran. No Mas! It must be outstanding and even possibly, bizarre!”

Joe Cortez, Boxing Hall of Fame Referee

Anthony Joshua, KO 5th Round

“Andy Ruiz has to come in better shape than the first fight since Anthony Joshua will be hungry for those belts. It will be a much better fight this time around. The fans will be getting one of the best and most exciting fights in a long time. I predict that Anthony Joshua will KO Andy Ruiz this time around. Round five will be the magical round.”

Victor Conte, sports nutritionist

Andy Ruiz, KO 7th Round

“I think we will see a repeat of the first Joshua vs. Ruiz fight in their second fight. Ruiz is simply too fast for Joshua. He will get inside again and land a series of punches that will put Joshua down and out in the seventh round.”


Sylvester Stallone, executive producer of DAZN’s “One Night” documentary and three-time Academy Award nominee

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“Nothing against Anthony Joshua because I think he is excellent, I have to go with the underdog. That’s my life.”

Cristiano Ronaldo, current soccer superstar

Anthony Joshua, Victory

“I’ll be watching AJ vs. Ruiz 2 on DAZN. Good luck Joshua. I’m team AJ.”

Mario Goetze, current soccer superstar

Anthony Joshua, Victory

“I think Anthony Joshua is going to win the rematch. He probably prepared himself very well to fight Ruiz again to seek revenge. It is definitely going to be a great and exciting fight, I can’t wait.”

Rosie Perez, television personality and actress

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“It’s going to be interesting, for sure! Joshua has revenge on his mind as well as those four knock downs. Ruiz got a taste of being the champion and is not trying to let it go. Both have trained hard and both men have mean ass power. It could go all 12 but I don’t know about that. It’ll come down to whose will to win is stronger. Joshua, who was supposed to be the better skilled fighter, needs to use that skill set and go in and just demolish him with a crafty early KO for the win. If he doesn’t, and that first TKO from the first fight messes with his head, Ruiz will capitalize on that, show that he has skills too and could get another W by putting him down once again.

KSI, YouTube star and undefeated professional boxer

Anthony Joshua, Decision

“I think there’s only two ways it’s going to go: the full 12 rounds with AJ out-boxing Ruiz and winning on points or Ruiz knocking AJ out. AJ needs to make sure he’s focused for 12 rounds because Ruiz is very dangerous.”

Jake Paul, YouTube star

Andy Ruiz, KO 9th Round

“I got Andy Ruiz on this one because styles make fights and Andy is too fast for Anthony. Andy only had two months’ notice last time and still came out on top. Now he’s had months to train. Andy Ruiz knocks out Joshua in the 9th round.”

Metta World Peace, former NBA player


“Hmm, it’s difficult. First time, I gave Ruiz a 20% chance to win and with that 20% he actually won. This time, it’s really tough. I can’t pick because I love both boxers. Good luck to both Joshua and Ruiz, and good luck to DAZN but you’re not going to get me in trouble.”

Maverick Carter, CEO of UNINTERRUPTED

Anthony Joshua, Decision Victory

“It will be a great fight and I’m predicting AJ stays out of the way and wins a decision.”

Sway Calloway, host of SiriusXM’s “Sway in the Morning”

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“Can’t go against the Champ! Going for Ruiz now. His experience, boxing intelligence and the fact that they were hugging like bosom cuddies after the weigh in pushed me that way. I haven’t felt the fire from AJ yet. Para La Gente!”

Charlamagne tha God, host of Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club”

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“I hate to say it but it’s a toss-up. I’ve never been big on Anthony Joshua as a fighter, he’s a really nice guy in person, but in the ring I’ve always said I don’t think he could beat Wilder, Fury, or Ortiz. I even predicted in the first fight Ruiz would give Joshua all he could handle. I didn’t think Ruiz would win but he did and now we are here so with that said my feeling is Ruiz is going to win the rematch. I’m not sure if AJ mentally is in the right head space to take this rematch so soon, I feel like he needs a tune-up fight first but I am rooting for AJ to win because him as champion makes the heavyweight division that much more interesting but we will see.”


Bellator President Scott Coker

Andy Ruiz, TKO 6th Round

“I really think Ruiz just has Joshua’s number. I see this rematch ending in a similar fashion to their first fight, with Ruiz winning by TKO in the eighth round.”

Bellator Flyweight Champion, Ilima-Lei Macfarlane

Andy Ruiz, KO 8th Round

“I think that Andy Ruiz wins with a knockout in the eighth round because he shared his chicken with me once and is truly one of the nicest humans I’ve ever met.”

Bellator Commentator, Jay Glazer

Anthony Joshua, KO 3rd Round

“Hmm.. this is a hard one because you never know how a guy reacts to getting knocked out for the first time. Sometimes the glass breaks for good and sometimes they respond in even bigger fashion. With that said, I will go Joshua in the rematch, I think he’s going to learn from the loss, and he’ll know how to deal with in-ring adversity better now. I say Joshua via KO in three.”

Bellator Ambassador & MMA Legend, Royce Gracie

Anthony Joshua, Victory

“The first matchup, Anthony Joshua looked very relaxed against Andy Ruiz and paid dearly for it. Now, in the rematch, Joshua has something to prove and will use his athleticism to outclass Ruiz. I say Joshua gets the win but he cannot underestimate Ruiz.” 

Bellator Welterweight Champion, Douglas Lima

Anthony Joshua, Victory

“This is a very interesting fight! Andy Ruiz definitely has a big chance of winning again, but I’m siding with Anthony Joshua this time. I think he’ll come back better and get the win!”

Bellator Heavyweight & Light Heavyweight Champion, Ryan Bader

Andy Ruiz, Victory

“Andy Ruiz by decision, he’s going to prove to everyone the first matchup was not a fluke. I feel Ruiz just has Joshua’s number.”

Bellator Analyst, “Big” John McCarthy

Andy Ruiz, Victory

My prediction is for Andy Ruiz to win again in the rematch. People put way too much value into the way these two fighters look, compared to how they compete. Ruiz has the advantage of knowing he’s knocked out Joshua once which gives him confidence and Joshua apprehension. It’s a heavyweight match-up so all it takes is one well-placed shot, but I say Ruiz gets it done again.”


Todd Grisham, DAZN blow-by-blow announcer

Anthony Joshua, Decision Victory

“I think AJ has learned his lesson. No need to get into a fire fight with a man he can and should dominate from the outside. He will use his jab and be extremely patient. Ruiz’ game plan will be waiting for AJ to make a mistake. AJ’s plan will be to not make a mistake. A good big man beats a good smaller man. Joshua by decision in a snoozer.”

Adnan Virk, Host of Boxing and ChangeUp

Anthony Joshua, TKO 10th Round

“I’ll take Joshua TKO in 10. I don’t think he took Ruiz lightly last time out but certainly any potential whispers of overconfidence won’t be an issue this fight. Ruiz has a strong chin and can take punishment but I think AJ’s speed and conditioning will prove to be decisive in claiming victory and restoring luster to his reputation as one of the best heavyweights in the game.”

Lauren Gardner, boxing reporter and ChangeUp host:

Anthony Joshua, Victory

“I’ve done my best to stay away from making a public prediction because frankly, I think ANYTHING can happen in this fight. Ruiz is riding the high of become an overnight superstar and that could lead to a distracted boxer but I have reliable sources who have said he is in great shape and has been solid in training camp. Meanwhile, Joshua has EVERYTHING to lose. His career is on the line come December 7th. It’s a matter of whether he’ll rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure. All that said, I’ll go with AJ if I have to pick.”

Claudia Trejos, boxing reporter

Anthony Joshua, Unanimous Decision

“This is a tough one to call. Anthony Joshua will have to handle the constant pressure Andy Ruiz is capable of dishing while taking punches. He will also have to use his range and size which are clear advantages while fighting smart and staying calm. Andy, once again an underdog for the rematch, comes with the confidence of taking the win in the biggest upset of 2019. We already know what he can do and the power he possesses. Who is hungrier? Joshua’s career is on the line- I don’t think he will take this challenge lightly. A-J will use his boxing IQ to keep Andy out of range to take his belts back to England.”


All times are local

17:00 DOORS

4 x 3 mins Lightweight contest
(UAE) (Georgia)


8 x 3 mins WBC Middle East Lightweight Title
(Saudi Arabia) (Kuwait)


8 x 3 mins Heavyweight contest
(Azerbaijan) (England)

12 x 3 mins WBC International Heavyweight Title
FILIP HRGOVIC 17st 3lbs v ERIC MOLINA 17st 10lbs
(Croatia) (USA)

10 x 3 mins Heavyweight contest
DILLIAN WHYTE 19st 5lbs v MARIUSZ WACH 19st 4lbs
(England) (Poland)

12 x 3 mins WBA Heavyweight World Title Eliminator
(Russia) (USA)


12 x 3 mins WBA, IBF, WBO & IBO Heavyweight WORLD TITLES
ANDY RUIZ JR 20st 3lbs v ANTHONY JOSHUA 16st 13lbs
(Mexico) (England)


4 x 3 mins Super-Bantamweight contest
HOPEY PRICE 8st 13lbs v SWEDI MOHAMED 8st 13lbs
(England) (Tanzania)

4 x 3 mins Super-Middleweight contest
DIEGO PACHECO 11st 13lbs v SELEMANI SAIDI 11st 12lbs
(USA) (Tanzania)

Joshua vs Ruiz II Boxing Odds

courtesy of BetOnline (Twitter: @betonline_ag).


Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua

Andy Ruiz Jr.                +175     (7/4)
Anthony Joshua            -205     (20/41)

Will the Fight Go the Distance?

Yes      +250     (5/2)
No        -325     (4/13)

Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua – Method of Victory

Anthony Joshua by Decision                              7/2
Anthony Joshua by KO, TKO or DQ                   10/13
Andy Ruiz Jr. by Decision                                  12/1
Andy Ruiz Jr. by KO, TKO or DQ                        5/2
Draw                                                                 20/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua – Round Betting

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 1                           50/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 2                           40/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 3                           33/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 4                           33/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 5                           25/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 6                           25/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 7                           25/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 8                           22/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 9                           25/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 10                         33/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 11                         40/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. Round 12                         50/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. on Points                         12/1

Anthony Joshua Round 1                       28/1

Anthony Joshua Round 2                       22/1

Anthony Joshua Round 3                       18/1

Anthony Joshua Round 4                       14/1

Anthony Joshua Round 5                       14/1

Anthony Joshua Round 6                       12/1

Anthony Joshua Round 7                       12/1

Anthony Joshua Round 8                       14/1

Anthony Joshua Round 9                       14/1

Anthony Joshua Round 10                     18/1

Anthony Joshua Round 11                     22/1

Anthony Joshua Round 12                     28/1

Anthony Joshua on Points                     7/2

Draw                                                     20/1


Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua – Round Group Betting

Anthony Joshua in Round 1 to 3                         5/1

Anthony Joshua in Round 4 to 6                         4/1

Anthony Joshua in Round 7 to 9                         9/2

Anthony Joshua in Round 10 to 12                     15/2

Anthony Joshua on Points                                 7/2

Andy Ruiz Jr. in Round 1 to 3                             16/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. in Round 4 to 6                             10/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. in Round 7 to 9                             10/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. in Round 10 to 12                         18/1

Andy Ruiz Jr. on Points                                     12/1

Draw                                                                 20/1



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Andy Ruiz, Jr. vs. Anthony Joshua 2 is a unified title fight for the IBF, WBA and WBO world heavyweight titles. The event is one of the highlights this fight season on DAZN – an entire fall featuring the biggest matchups in one of the best schedules in boxing history.