John Fury wants Mike Tyson fight in Saudi Arabia, calls him out during Fury-Ngannou final press conference

By Will Arons - 10/26/2023 - Comments

Tyson Fury’s dad, John Fury, continued his tireless campaign today of trying to talk boxing legend Mike Tyson into fighting him, and he feels that Saudi Arabia would be a location for them if he agrees.

John surprised fans by using today’s final press conference for Fury’s fight with Francis Ngannou to directly call out Mike Tyson on the stage. Obviously, it was not the right place for John to try to get the payday fight with Mike, but that didn’t stop him from asking.

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Mike Tyson has been training Ngannou for Saturday’s fight with Fury in Saudi Arabia, and he believes he’s got a good chance of winning. While most aren’t giving Ngannoy any shot of winning, Tyson feels he can get the job done after watching what he’s done in sparring.

As for the 59-year-old John Fury, it doesn’t look like Mike will accommodate him. John isn’t a former world champion or anything. During his career, he was a simple ham & egger with a record of 8-4-1, 1 KOs) when he retired in 1995. If Mike Tyson were to fight John Fury, it would be beyond a joke. It wold be forlorn.

“Why not? If he wants it, I want it,” said John Fury to Fight Hub TV moments after today’s final press conference between Tyson Fury & Francis Ngannou when asked if he thinks a fight with Mike Tyson could ever happen.

“The great Mike Tyson, he’s a legend. I respect the man. Let’s not get confused here. I’ve got a lot of respect for Mike Tyson. He’s a legend. I’ve named my boy after him, but for me to be in the same room, at the same table, doing what we’re doing, it’s an honor for me.

“If I can share the ring with him at some time or another, it’s the icing on the cake of my life. What a story, what a movie.

“I named my son after him, and I end up fighting him, win, lose, or draw, probably in the greatest kingdom of the world in Saudi Arabia. The up-and-coming place and the place to be.

“Only for Saudi Arabia, none of this would be taking place because these men, they’re incredible at what they do. What they want, they get. Look at this magnificent place that they built in 90 days. It’s incredible.

“It just shows you that what they want to get done, they get done with a capital D. I thank them very much. I’m proud to be in Saudi.

“I think Tyson will take a couple of rounds to sort himself out with him, and he’ll get to know what he’s got, and then Tyson can take him wherever he wants,” said John about Francis Ngannou.

“Tyson is a masterclass, and in my lifetime, I’ve learned one thing. There are levels to boxing, and you’ve got to earn your stripes in the ring. To have your pro debut against the heavyweight champion of the world and probably the best and the finest of his era, that’s a big ask for anybody.

“Big ups to Francis Ngannou. He’s getting well paid. He’s getting all the fame in the world for being in the same ring as the Gypsy King, but he’s got a tall order. In boxing, anything can happen. He’s a big guy. He only has to swing once, and Tyson’s not focused; anything can happen. That’s why people tune into heavyweight boxing. Anything can happen.

“I’m not going to talk about ‘The Rabbit’ [Oleksandr Usyk] yet because it’s not his show. He can wait in line. You got a better man than Usyk here on Saturday night. This man will put Usyk into orbit like it’s been proven.

“Usyk can’t deal with these nineteen-stone, nearly seven-feet giants, and that’s just the way it is. “He can be focused because he’s not overlooked Francis Ngannou,” said John about Tyson Fury. “He hasn’t overlooked him, he’s taken him seriously, and you’ll see that on Saturday night.”

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