Jermell Charlo wants Crawford & Fundora fight each other

04/16/2022 - By Rob Smith - Comments

Unified junior middleweight champion Jermell Charlo made it clear on Saturday that he has zero interest in fighting Terence Crawford or newly crowned interim WBC 154-lb champion Sebastian ‘The Towering Inferno’ Fundora.

You can’t blame Jermell for not wanting to fight Crawford or the 6’6″ Fundora because he already lost to Tony Harrison, and was arguably beaten last July by Brian Castano.

A lot of boxing fans felt that Castano did enough to deserve the win against Charlo. The fight took place in Jermell’s backyard in San Antonio, Texas, and some boxing fans believe that’s the main reason why he was given a gift draw in that fight.

Jermell (34-1-1, 18 KOs) feels that WBC welterweight champion Crawford hasn’t earned a fight against him because he’s still not fought at 154, and he has no intention of fighting him.

Charlo, 31, is facing WBO champion Brian Castano in a rematch next month on May 14th on Showtime at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

Assuming Jermell wins that fight, he says he’ll need to begin defending against his two mandatory defenses that are due.

With Jermell fighting roughly once a year, it could take two years for him to take care of both mandatory defenses. By that time, he’ll have other mandatory defenses due.

In other words, Crawford will likely NEVER get a chance to fight Jermell without him becoming his mandatory, and even then, it could be a long wait because of all his titles, and the fact that he only fights once a year.

“Crawford ain’t did s*** at 154,” said Jermell Charlo in making it clear that he’s not interested in fighting Terence Crawford after his rematch with Brian Castano.

“How y’all want him to fight me? I’m y’all I’m trying to become undisputed right now. How are we talking about somebody that hasn’t even fought in the division?

“How did he just jump from there to there? What connection does he have in this world? Where that tall lanky mother f**** [Sebastian ‘Towering Inferno’ Fundora] at?

“Right, right, because that’s what I do,” said Charlo when told that Fundora wants to fight him next. “If that’s what Al Haymon has in store for me.

“When you become a champion like this, you got mandatory’s after mandatory’s, and you got all these people in the way. In 2017, I had to knock out the #1 guy, and then I turned around and knocked out the next #1 guy.

“Maybe, I’ll be the shot-caller and make the decisions on who I want to fight next. Fundora, go fight somebody else.I don’t know. Y’all go fight each other. I’m busy.

“I’m ready to f*** this kid up,” said Jermell about his rematch with Brian Castano. “I make these people somebody. Tony Harrison, [Erickson] Lubin, all these people that fought me before.

“Nobody knew who these people were. Nobody knew who Brian Castano was. After we fought, his followers went up,” said Charlo.

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