Jermall Charlo Adds Mark Breland To His Team

Well, it didn’t take too long for Mark Breland to find another lofty position working with a world champion. Sacked by former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, with Breland being accused of all manner of things by Wilder: spiking his water, treachery, conspiring against him, Breland showed class in dealing with the classness of Wilder.

Now, reigning WBC middleweight champ, Jermall Charlo has welcomed the former Olympian and former welterweight champion to his team – “Welcome Mark Breland to the Lion’s Den!!!” Charlo wrote in a message he posted on social media yesterday, with a photo of himself with Breland and head-trainer Ronnie Shields attached.

Breland can only be a good addition to Team-Charlo, even if we have no idea just yet regarding what the full extent of his services will be. Charlo, unbeaten at 31-0(22), is in great hand with Ronnie Shields, a fine trainer indeed, and like Breland, Shields is a former pro fighter himself, of course. Still, additional experience in the gym, in the ring during a fight, can only be a good thing. And of course, Breland more than deserved a big break after all the garbage he was forced to go through with Wilder – a man whose very life he may well have saved by making the brave decision to throw the towel in when he did in that brutally one-sided return fight between Wilder and Tyson Fury.

Charlo clearly sees a classy and knowledgeable trainer when he sees one. Charlo will next face the 22-4-2(22) Juan Montiel in a fight that looks to be a pretty bad mismatch, at least on paper. Breland may not be required to do too much during the June 19 fight – one Charlo will win, most likely by stoppage, unless we get an Upset of the Year scenario – but Charlo may well pick up some new things from Breland all the same. It’s to be hoped this new team, consisting of Charlo, Shields, and Breland works out for all concerned.

Speaking of Wilder, there is still no official word on what his next move will be. Will Wilder ever fight again?

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