Jaron Ennis wants Spence, Crawford or Thurman after Chukhadzhian

By Rob Smith - 12/29/2022 - Comments

Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis is aiming high after he wins his January 7th fight against Karen Chukhadzhian, saying he wants Errol Spence Jr, Terence Crawford, or Keith Thurman.

The young welterweight phenom Boots Ennis (29-0, 27 KOs) doesn’t want to take his career backward after he defeats Chukhadzhian (21-1, 11 KOs) on the Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis vs. Hector Luis Garcia card on Showtime pay-per-view at the Capitol One Arena in Washington, D.C.

It’s unknown whether Gervonta will be pulled from the January 7th card due to his arrest last Tuesday on a domestic violence charge in Broward County, Florida.

If Tank is removed from the January 7th card, there’s a possibility that Boots Ennis’ fight with Chukhadzhian will be moved from the chief support bout to the main attraction.

“I’m motivated to be undisputed. This is nothing new to me. Just another day at the office. Time to have some fun,” Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis said during his virtual press conference for his fight against Karen Chukhadzhian next week.

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“If I can’t get Spence, Bud or Keith Thurman, a top fighter like that, then I’ll fight the winner of them too,” said Boots Ennis about his plan B being to take on the Eimantas Stanionis vs. Vergil Ortiz Jr fight.

“It don’t matter to me. I just want to fight. I’m hungry and ready to eat.

“He’s a guy that I want to fight. I want to fight all the top guys, and the guys that are good that everybody knows,” Boots Ennis said when told that Rashidi Ellis wants to fight him.

“Unfortunately, things don’t go as they’re supposed to, but we’re going to make that happen for sure.

“I just think keep winning and me doing my thing, and that’s another step towards me getting my hands on those titles. Maybe I got to talk a little bit more, but I’m not really with the talking.

“I don’t want to be somebody I’m not. I want to be humble,” said Ennis when told that he needs to demand that he be given title shots against champions Errol Spence Jr and Terence Crawford.

“Do it my way instead of somebody else. I’m just going to go in there and have fun and be smooth. I’m not going to look for [a knockout]. My time is now. I’m going to have some fun, and come out with a victory and do it in dominating fashion by getting a knockout.

“I appreciate him taking this fight because some people wouldn’t. A win on January 7th, I want Errol Spence, Bud [Crawford], or Keith Thurman. Either one of those guys, it doesn’t matter who it is. Bring them on.

“This fight is just business. It’s time to work now. The same thing as always. I did bring a different conditioning coach. I’m ready to rock & roll.

“We’re working on getting better guys in the ring. It’s coming. We got to be patient. As long as I get three fights in this year, I’ll be fine. That’s the goal. To get three fights in 2023.

“I feel like getting this belt [interim IBF welterweight] will make me double mandatory in line for that. For [Spence’s] IBF belt next. That’s the goal. I just got to do my thing, look spectacular on January 7th and look good doing it with a knockout. That’s it.

“I want just the big names. I don’t want to go back to the guys I was fighting before.

“People can’t say anything about my defense. I don’t get hit that often. When I come out of the ring, I don’t have no marks on my face. I don’t be cut. No bruises, none of that.

“If I do get hit with a clean shot, it might be two, three, or four. I know how to roll with the shots and or roll away. I know how to roll, and take the power off the shots and things like that.

“These guys don’t know nothing about defense. We’re going to show them some real defense in this fight too. Everybody keeps talking, but we’re going to show them some,” said Ennis.