Is Devin Haney Playing a Dangerous Game of Double Vision with Prograis and Lomachenko?

By Amy A Kaplan - 12/05/2023 - Comments

This weekend, Devin Haney jumps into the ring with Regis Prograis, eyeing the WBC championship at 140lbs. It’s a step up for the champ, but hold your horses because the shadow of a certain Ukrainian, Vasiliy Lomachenko, looms large over this showdown that will be broadcast live on DAZN.

Devin Haney, known for his sharp jabs and slick moves, is now seemingly tiptoeing around the idea of a rematch with the one and only Vasiliy Lomachenko. Why, you ask? Well, the rumor mill is churning, and it’s hinting that Haney might just be a bit… scared.

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The Las Vegas-based fighter, who’s had a dazzling run at lightweight and is now eyeing glory at 140lbs against Regis Prograis, can’t seem to shake off the specter of Lomachenko. Remember their last bout? It was a nail-biter, with Haney scraping a close win amidst a cloud of controversy. Lomachenko didn’t merely compete that night; he orchestrated a symphony of boxing brilliance. Every hit, every dodge, it was like he was painting a masterpiece with his fists. And what happens? They hand the win to Haney. It’s like watching some joker trip over his own feet and still take home the gold at the Olympics. A laugh? Maybe. Right? Not by a long shot.”

The judges may have given Haney the nod, but in the court of public opinion – and certainly in my not-so-humble opinion – it was Lomachenko who outshone, outboxed, and, yes, out-hustled Haney.

Lomachenko not only deserves a rematch – he’s earned it. It’s not just about setting the record straight; it’s about giving the fans what they want. A showdown that’s not marred by controversy but defined by skill, guts, and glory.

And what about Haney? Is he shying away from a rematch because, deep down, he knows that Lomachenko might just have his number? It’s one thing to win amid controversy; it’s another to win convincingly. Haney’s got talent, no doubt about it. But to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best – and do it so there’s no question left unanswered.

So, the question on everyone’s lips is: Is Haney scared of facing that again? Is he worried that Lomachenko might just outbox and out-hustle him in front of the whole world like he did the first time?

Haney himself dropped hints about the rematch being a no-go. Speaking to The Ring, he said, “I had a talk with my dad and Top Rank about what a rematch would look like, what the figures would be, and like I said, it didn’t add up. It didn’t make sense, you know?” But is it really just about the numbers, or is there a shadow of fear lurking behind those words?

Haney: “I know that it will be a big fight, much bigger than the first one. It was controversy, of course; the second one was going to be bigger, but the numbers didn’t seem to be that much bigger.”

Devin Haney, if you’re listening, it’s time to man up. Give Lomachenko the rematch. Give the fans what they want. Give us a fight that will be remembered not for its controversy, but for its undeniable, uncontestable outcome.

Fast forward to now. Is Devin Haney getting distracted by the Lomachenko rematch saga?

Regis Prograis is no pushover, not by a long shot. The guy’s got grit, and stepping into the ring with him is like walking into a storm – you better be ready for a brawl. Is Haney underestimating Prograis? In the world of boxing, taking your eye off the ball, even for a second, can mean lights out.

This weekend, Haney’s got a chance to silence his doubters and add another shiny belt to his collection. But with the Lomachenko rematch chatter buzzing in his ear like an annoying mosquito, will he be able to focus on the tough task at hand? Or will he find himself caught between a rock and a hard place – Prograis in front, Lomachenko in the rearview mirror?

If Haney ain’t sharp as a tack against Prograis, he’s cruisin’ for a bruisin’. Regis is tough as old boots, not the kind you wanna mess with if your head ain’t in the game.

As they say in showbiz, the show must go on. And in boxing, every punch, every round, every fight writes a new chapter in the story. So, will Haney turn the page with a triumph over Prograis, or will he be left with more questions than answers?

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