Is Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder Really the Next Big Thing in American Heavyweight Boxing?

wilder4411Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder: is he the next big thing for the American heavyweight division? Is a perfect record of 29 wins with 100% knockout rate an indication of a future sensation? Is he ready to move to the top and face a dominating world champion?

With Wilder’s knockout of Liakhovich, people are starting to give more thought to this promising young fighter, letting their imaginations run as to what he could potentially achieve in boxing in the future.

I have to say, Wilder is certainly earning more respect with his power and drive to make it to the top. His confidence must be though the roof, and his desire and need to become the world champion is unquestioned. Thus far, most of his opposition did not look competitive facing him in the right, as he simply plows through them in the most dominating fashion possible. But who was his opposition? Is his resume made up of formidable rivals? The answer is no.

That doesn’t mean that Wilder is any less of a fighter than people assume him to be, but it does provide the necessity for Wilder to take incremental steps for now, so that he can test himself against a fighter with more ring experience.

Wilder has recently mentioned David Haye, and I think that Haye would be a perfect test for Wilder. I would love to see how Deontay handles the evasive maneuvering and counter punches that Haye brings to the table. I believe that if Wilder could come out a winner against Haye, he would become a legitimate opponent for Wladimir, or whoever the world champion at that time would be. I am excited to see how Wilder progresses, and have high hopes for him.

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