Hearn: Dillian Whyte Has The Best Resume Of A Guy Who Has Never Fought For A World Title, By A Country Mile

Dillian Whyte, any unbiased fight fan would agree, has already done enough to have earned himself a shot at a world title, yet Whyte keeps on keeping on. He keeps earning his shot, again and again. This year, having put that frustrating amount of 2019 time behind him, Whyte, 27-1(18) wants nothing but big fights – risky fights, you could argue.

Case in point, or two cases, actually – Whyte could face Alexander Povetkin next, and then Andy Ruiz after that; in America. Eddie Hearn told Sky Sports how an earlier offer to Ruiz, to fight Whyte in the U.K, was turned down, with more money being asked for. But now, Hearn says, Ruiz is “very interested” in a fight with Whyte in the U.S.

“Yeah [Ruiz’ team] are very interested,” Hearn said. “The first offer was for a UK fight, which wasn’t enough money. The second fight was a lot more money, and that was for the U.S fight, which has definitely got their attention. I think it will probably be Povetkin next for Dillian and I think it could be Ruiz straight after that. As always, he’s throwing himself in the deep end, Dillian Whyte, he’s in a mandatory position as he has been for about 62 years, and who has he beat on the way? Chisora twice, Joseph Parker, Oscar Rivas, Wach last time out. Now he’s fighting Povetkin, Ruiz. He’s got the best resume of a guy who has never fought for a world title, by a country mile.”

Agreed. In fact, the only thing Whyte has not yet done aside from fight for a world title is box in a big fight in America (Whyte did box in Nebraska back in 2017, when he stopped Malcolm Tann in three rounds). And what a big, and risky, fight one with former world champ Ruiz really would be. Ruiz, still in search of a new trainer having split with Manny Robles, has this fight there for the taking should he want it, Hearn has said.

Who wins: Whyte or Ruiz?