Haye thinks Vitali will want to fight him next year

By ESB - 10/17/2012 - Comments

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By Michael Collins: Former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye gave an interview on Wednesday where said that an agreement has already been made with WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko in 2013. Whether Haye is on the level with this is still unknown because we’re only hearing Haye say it and not Vitali.

Haye said to Sky Sports News “”The fight has already been agreed, the contract’s done – the money, the split, everything. We don’t need a new contract…In my opinion next year he will want to fight again at some stage and he will want a big fight. I’m the biggest fight out there and he knows that, he’s not stupid.”

Vitali is running for office in Ukraine and he could retire from boxing if elected. As for a fight against Haye, Vitali hasn’t been acting all that interested in fighting him despite having said in the past that he wanted to knock Haye out and improve upon the performance his younger brother IBF/IBO/WBO heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko made a year ago when he easily beat Haye by a 12 round unanimous decision in a one-sided fight.

There’s not much Vitali can gain from fighting Haye other than a payday because Wladimir beat him so conclusively that there’s really no point in Vitali fighting him. It’s not as if Haye will stand in front of him to try and slug it out. We’ve already see how Haye fights when facing big heavyweights in his fights with Wladimir and Nikolay Valuev. Haye ran around the ring for 12 rounds in both fights and looked horrible.

You can’t expect Haye to be anything different from what he’s been in the past, because the survival instinct is just too high for him. He fights bravely when he faces older guys like Audley Harrison and John Ruiz, but he’ll be running from Vitali if that fight gets made. Boxing fans will likely be unhappy just as they were in Haye’s fights with Harrison, Valuev and Wladimir, but he’ll get a big payday and likely go into retirement.