GGG-Canelo – body attack to be the key to victory for Canelo says Mayweather

By James Slater - 09/12/2017 - Comments

As the big fight edges ever closer and fight fans have even their sleep affected by the sheer excitement the middleweight collision between Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez brings (have you dreamt about the fight and its outcome yet?) all manner of experts are putting forth their opinion on what will happen in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Everyone has an opinion on this fight, just as everyone is pumped up about the fight. But one man, or actually two men, fans will want to pay attention to are the Mayweathers, Senior and Junior. And both father and son are picking Canelo to get the win, possibly by stoppage.

And a key part to the Mexican’s success will be his body attack; as both Floyd Jnr and Floyd Snr said recently.

“He’s got to go to the body, daddy,” Floyd Jnr said, interrupting as his father was being asked about Saturday’s massive fight, as quoted by The Star. “He can stop him if he goes to the body.”

“It ain’t that Triple-G is weak to the body,” Mayweather Snr added. “But if you go down there, you’ll find a lot of stuff you haven’t seen before.”

As fans know, Canelo is a fine body puncher in the rich tradition of the great Mexican fighters. And as GGG is the older man, some say a slowed down older fighter, it seems a given that Canelo will look to go to the body in an attempt to take Golovkin’s legs away from him. However, GGG is a vicious body puncher himself (see his sickening body shot KO a previously sturdy Matthew Macklin; albeit in a fight that took place some years back).

If Saturday night’s Super Fight does come down to a battle of the body attack, who wins? It could be savage, as well as savagely entertaining. Can Canelo take GGG out late on if he attacks the midsection, or will the older man be able to do more damage downstairs? It really is a fascinating fight.