Gervonta Davis talks Ryan Garcia and rehydration clause

By Jeff Sorby - 04/06/2023 - Comments

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis says he wouldn’t have added a 10-lb rehydration clause in the contract if Ryan Garcia had agreed to fight him at 135 lbs for their April 22nd fight at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The fight instead will take place at a 136-lb catchweight with a 10-lb rehydration clause.

Tank (28-0, 26 KOs) doesn’t say why he needed the rehydration clause when the fight is only one pound above the normal 135-lb limit. Was it worry on Tank’s part for him to add the weight stipulation or did he just to weaken Ryan to gain an advantage over him?

Boxing fans that pay attention to the weight stipulations in the Davis-Ryan fight don’t think too highly of Gervonta for making them a condition for Ryan getting the fight. It seems like a lowly, underhanded move on Tank’s part

“I just think he wanted to be lazy and not train as hard. When he fights at 135, he has to work to make the weight,” said Gervonta Davis to Fight Hub TV when asked why Ryan Garcia wanted the fight at 140 rather than 135.

“No, there wouldn’t have been,” said Tank on whether he would have added a rehydration clause if the fight had been at 135. “I think he’s trying to find a way to have some advantage.

“The only danger with that hook with nothing else. The only danger is with the hook,” said Gervonta about Ryan Garcia only having one lethal weapon in his offensive arsenal. “The hook is his best punch.

“He really don’t. He don’t got a good right hand,” Gervonta said when told that Ryan is saying that he has a good right hand as well as an excellent left hook. “He’s got a good hook and that’s it.

“No,” said Gervontaa when asked if the fight would be “more competitive if Ryan possessed a good right hand. “He’s not a complete fighter at all.

“We got to wait and see until we get in there. We got to wait and see. I just feel that he doesn’t have everything. I feel he’s got to a lot, and I don’t feel like he can work over one fight. He should have been doing this for years.

“You got to wait and see, but he’s going to be surprised, though,” said Tank when told that Ryan said that he’s too small to throw straight punches.

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