Gervonta Davis says Ryan Garcia is “lazy” because he doesn’t want to make 135

03/12/2023 - By Jeepers Isaac - Comments

Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis has already got it figured out why Ryan Garcia didn’t want to fight him at 135 on April 22nd.

It’s NOT because he can’t make the weight. It’s just too “‘lazy” to train hard enough to get down to the 135-lb limit the way that Tank (28-0, 26 KOs) and so many other hard-working fighters at lightweight do.

In Tank Davis’ mind, Ryan (23-0, 19 KOs) doesn’t want to put in the work, so he moved up to 140, and now instead of fighting the killers in that division, he’s still pooling up from the 135-lb division.

Ryan wants to take advantage of fighting all the popular fighters at 135, like Tank Davis, without putting in the hard work to make the weight. That’s why Tank views Ryan as just flat-out lazy. He won’t get off his backside to lose the weight.

Ryan Garcia too lazy to make 135

“Your boy is already at 146, so what’s the problem? He’s a 135-lb fighter. I’m a 135-pound fighter. He wouldn’t even take the fight if it wasn’t at 135. You know why he didn’t want to make 135? Because he’s lazy,” said Gervonta Davis on Twitter, responding to a poster saying that Ryan Garcia can’t make 135 and that he’d previously fought at 140 against Mario Barrios last year without a rehydration clause.

Tank is going to indulge Ryan by fighting him at 136, but he isn’t going to come up to 140 just because Kingry doesn’t want to put in the work to come down to 135.

Ryan is getting the fight he’s been begging for against Tank, so he just needs to be happy he’s getting it rather than complaining about being weigh drained.

Hopkins complaining

Ryan Garcia gave up so much to get this fight. Don’t look at why. Look at why not,” said Bernard Hopkins to Fighthype about the concessions Ryan had to give up to get the Gervonta Davis fight. “He’s daring to be great.

“I dared to be great by throwing the flag down in Puerto Rico and lived to talk about it. When you dare to be great, you give up things people don’t understand that you have lost your mind.

“They thought they’d stop the fight and not make it happen.  You have to understand there are people that want to do fights and people that don’t want to do fights.”

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