Gervonta Davis And Ryan Garcia Agree To Fight Next During Mike Tyson Podcast

It’s more than clear both guys want the fight, and now rival lightweights Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia have agreed to fight each other next. Both emerging stars, perhaps emerging superstars, appeared on Mike Tyson’s latest episode of his Hot Boxin’ podcast. Garcia was the special guest, and the 22-year-old was talking BIG. Mostly about Tank.

Then Tank called in via FaceTime, and boy, did the two rivals go at it!

“Two rounds, baby,” Garcia said, repeating his prediction of a quick, two round win over Davis. “Two rounds, you’re going to sleep. Its not gonna hurt. I promise you it’s not gonna hurt. You gonna need a ladder to hit me. How tall are you? You 5’5”, you gonna need a ladder. You gonna need a StairMaster. Boy, you won’t be able to touch [me]. You ain’t never fought a 135 pounder in your life. You too ugly to be champ! And that’s from Muhammad Ali. I promise you, you gonna go down.”

Tank responded by pointing out how Garcia, in his biggest win to date, was heavily floored by Luke Campbell. At this point Mike Tyson, who wants to see the fight as much as we do, asked the two fighters if they could simply settle all this in the ring. Tank said the fight will happen next:

“We fighting next! We fighting next,” Davis said.

“He said it,” Garcia shot back. The world knows it, he said it, next fight. There’s no going back now. Hey, look at me, I’m dancing! I’m dancing bachata on you.”

The hype seems set to continue for this fight, and it really does seem as though the fight will happen. Both sides need to come to an agreement and get the fight on. Tank might be the favorite in the opinion of most fans, yet Garcia does have that special look about him. This one could be huge this summer. For the record, Garcia, 21-0(18) stands 5’10,” while Tank, 24-0(23) stands a fraction above the 5’5” mark.

So who do YOU think wins if this fight really does happen next? Too soon for Garcia, or too tall for Tank?

4 thoughts on “Gervonta Davis And Ryan Garcia Agree To Fight Next During Mike Tyson Podcast”

  1. This fight kind of reminds me of Arguello vs Pryor (these guys not as accomplished as they were when they fought, of course). Ryan will definitely have a size advantage, probably a speed advantage, and he showed great confidence and resolve against a solid Campbell. But I’m still leaning towards Tank right now, simply because Ryan has holes in his defense. I think Tank can back him up and chop him down to size. Great fight though, and Tank better not run into a left hook.

  2. Mikey OG should campaign at 140. Bouncing back and forth between 2 weight classes will tax him. He couldn’t stop Lipinets and Broner at 140. Got a decision against Robert Easter Jr. at 135 for his share of the LW strap. At 5-6 he is better suited at 140. Everybody is hating on R. Garcia, but he is making it happen, shaking things up. I’m going to say this again. Davis beat Gamboa at 135. 40 year old, broken leg, OG with his best days behind him at 126. Davis dropped him hard in the 2nd, couldn’t finish. dropped him again in the 8th, couldn’t finish. Finally when G-pa was sucking wind he stops him in the 12th. Now he is a massive puncher. Sure against bantamweights and featherweights. I would like to see him fight legit top 10 lightweights. Hopefully this fight happens and we will see what happens when he fights a real lightweight. Love to see Devin and Teo sort out this WBC, council of many belts issue. LOL

  3. It has the makings of a Zarate-Gomez fight. It didn’t last long.
    Garcia is too immature and nothing special, like a Duran!
    If a fighter is calling out someone the fight, “Let’s get it on!” Don’t be talking next summer, how about tomorrow???
    IMO “Tank” by KO!

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