George Kambosos Jr Lays Into Keyboard Warrior, Shuts Him Down

10/26/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Keyboard warriors, don’t you just hate ’em! How many trolls are out there, seemingly having nothing better to do than to criticise a dedicated professional boxer, a person they could never keep up with in the gym, let alone in a ring, in a million years. We saw what Deontay Wilder once did after tracking down such a keyboard tough guy, and while former lightweight champ George Kambosos Jr hasn’t gone as far as Wilder did, he has uncharacteristically broken his rule of not letting an internet troll get a response out of him.

Kambosos, who is coming off two decision losses to the brilliant Devin Haney, was understandably stung by the criticism a “fan” hurled at him on Instagram.

“Piss off mate seriously never seen someone lose twice (and) still act like he was a winner must be a Greek thing,” the troll wrote, his photo attached to the message.

Kambosos, who has Greek roots, shot back.

“I very rarely reply to keyboard warriors but for you I’m making an exception!” Kambosos wrote. “Do you not own a mirror because by the look of you, you’re losing every minute of the day. I just went 36 rounds with two top-10 pound-for-pound fighters while you gas out walking from your TV to your fridge. Poor guy I can see why your bitter, you haven’t seen your dick in 42 years. I hate to put you on blast but sometimes people like yourself need to be made accountable for talking crap to a professional fighter … that has held every single belt in boxing. Anyway I’m about to go for a run, something I suggest you do too for your own health. Hopefully this message makes you change your lifestyle.”


Kambosos, like every single fighter who has the guts to step into the ring, of course deserves respect, and this guy, whoever he is, clearly needed reminding of that. For many fight fans there is nothing worse than a shameless keyboard warrior, a person who finds delight in chucking muck at fighters. Good on Kambosos for putting this individual firmly in his place.

Kambosos, one of the most hard-working fighters around when it comes to putting in the grind in the gym, says he can and will be world champion again, that the losses to Haney do not signal the end.

“I’m a big name in boxing still, I show that warrior spirit like the greats,” Kambosos said. “They give it their all. You lose a fight, okay and you bounce back. So I will be champion again, this is not the end.”

Let’s see if Kambosos can indeed become a two-time champ. Whether he can or cannot do it, Kambosos has made it clear he is not a man to hurl crass insults at from the safety of the keyboard.

George Kambosos Jr Lays Into Keyboard Warrior, Shuts Him Down