Gennady Golovkin, Andre Ward Go At It In Battle Of Words: “Andre, Stop Lying To The Fans”

By James Slater - 02/24/2022 - Comments

We haven’t heard too much from Gennady Golovkin over the past few months, much less seen GGG in action in the ring, but yesterday, Golovkin engaged in a hot battle of words with Andre Ward, this across social media.

It all started when Ward, who celebrated his 38th birthday yesterday, was asked by a fan if there were any fights he wishes he’d taken before retiring as an unbeaten Hall of Famer.

Ward replied as follows:

“Froch, rematch in the UK; Golovkin, he turned it down is less than 5min, A. Joshua, but I retired.”

Golovkin saw the tweet and he responded as follows:

“Andre, stop lying to the fans. Your team made the offer AFTER I announced the fight with Lemieux and sold out MSG. You are still angry since that you never sold tickets like me. HBO knew you used the offer for publicity to move to 175. Happy Birthday.”

Ward countered GGG’s counter by posting a short video from some time ago, in which GGG clearly shakes his head when asked about a fight with Ward, saying how Ward is “too much for me.”

Golovkin then shot back with the written statement:

“My English is getting better your memory is getting worse.”

Golovkin, who will next fight Ryota Murata in his first fight since December of 2020, has sure got fight fans talking with this little battle of words with Ward. It would of course have been a great fight if these two had met in 2016 or 2017, but would Ward have been too big for Golovkin? We might have been treated to a catch-weight classic, yet we will never know.

Still, all these years later, fan interest in what would have gone down in a Ward-GGG showdown remains high. Who do YOU hold accountable for this fight not taking place?

Ward, who is over a year younger than Golovkin, exited with a flawless 32-0(16) record, this in 2017. Golovkin is currently 41-1-1(36), he turns 40 in April.

Last Updated on 02/24/2022