Fury’s Face-Off Fail: Is the Gypsy King Scared?

By Jeepers Isaac - 05/16/2024 - Comments

Tyson Fury looked bad today, laying chicken egg on stage during his final press conference of his undisputed heavyweight championship.

During the head-to-head with IBF/WBA/WBO champion Usyk during the face-off Fury meekly faced away from the apex predator Usyk, facing the media in the audience with an uneasy look on his gob.

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It was awkward to watch Fury falling apart, like someone about to give a speech for the first time and panicking. This move left fans and the media puzzled, wondering what on earth the 35-year-old WBC heavyweight champion Fury would be thinking.

You also got to wonder what His Excellency was thinking in watching Fury. Is he having second thoughts about paying Fury a load of dough for this fight, wishing he’d skipped this match and used Anthony Joshua as the opponent for unified champion Usyk (21-0, 14 KOs) to fight on Saturday night?

Face-Off Fiasco: Fury’s Cowardly Move

You got question Fury’s mental and readiness for this encounter, even though he appears to have lost a load of weight, thanks to his mysterious injury that bought him an extra three months of training time after being cut last February.

Will Fury show up for the fight on Saturday night or come down with another injury or whatnot that forces His Excellency to have to find a last-minute substitute to step in against the Megalodon shark?

If Fury is trying to pull a fast one with the mind game tricks, it’s a total failure. Instead of being praised, he’s being dumped on my fans, who are labeling him “Chicken Fury,” viewing him as a craven coward. That ain’t a good thing going into this fight against a predator like Usyk.

A Nervous Wreck: Fury’s Confidence Crisis?

The bold swagger that the 35-year-old Fury had exhibited before his past fights was completely gone today, with him looking fidgety on stage, afraid to meet the gaze of Usyk.

Some believe the last dash of confidence Fury once had was eliminated after he had the royal stuffing beaten out of him by Francis Ngannou last October. I can see why Fury would be afraid to look Usyk in the eyes after what he experienced in his last fight.

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