Deontay Wilder not retiring says trainer Malik Scott

Deontay ‘Bronze Bomber’ Wilder’s head trainer Malik Scott has confirmed that he’s not going to be hanging up his gloves after losing to Tyson Fury last weekend in their trilogy fight.

The former WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (42-2-1, 41 KOs) gave it his all against WBC champion Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs), knocking him down twice in the fourth before fading badly and getting stopped in the 11th round.

Although Malik isn’t saying, it appears Wilder only trained hard enough to fight hard for four rounds last Saturday because he was on fumes from the fifth round.

You can argue the only reason it took Fury until the 11th round to stop him is that he’s not a big puncher. Moreover, even with Wilder completely gassed out, his power in his right hand was still formidable.

What arguably saved Fury from being knocked out was Wilder breaking his right hand. That right there was the key to Fury’s victory. If not for Wilder suffering a broken right hand, which took his power in the second half of the fight, Fury wouldn’t have lasted long.

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“I seriously doubt that,” said Malik to iFL TV when asked if Deontay will retire after his loss. “We’ll see because retirement is not in our plans at all and his plans, and that’s not something that we discussed.

“If we ever have to do it again [with Fury] and they do it four or five times [then so be it],” said Scott.

If Malik is serious about wanting a fourth and fifth fight against Fury, he’s going to need to steer Wilder towards quality opposition to rebuild him.

He can’t fight nobodies and expect Tyson Fury to take notice and want to fight him again. In other words, Wilder can’t expect Fury to throw a bone to him out of sympathy now because he may have burned his bridges by choosing not to be gracious in defeat.

Fury was complaining endlessly last Saturday night about how he tries to shake Wilder’s hand after the fight and he wasn’t greeted with happiness from the defeated former champion.

At this point, perhaps the ONLY way Wilder will get a third fight with Fury is if he works his way into a mandatory position by beating some of the young lions in the division.

That won’t be easy for Wilder obviously, especially if he continues to have stamina problems. If Wilder gasses out after three rounds against Joe Joyce, Filip Hrgovic, or Frank Sanchez, he’ll get knocked out.

For Malik Scott, priority one should be to get Wilder to trim off the 19 lbs of muscle that he’s added to his frame since 2020, and get him back down to 219 or 220 lbs.

Secondly, Scott has got to have Wilder do some cardio so he’s not gassing out so quickly. It’s absurd that Wilder has gassed after three rounds in his last fights with Fury.

That right there should tell you that he’s A. He needs to time down to 219 lbs and B. Wilder needs cardio instead of weight lifting in his training.

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I know a lot of boxing fans are glorifying Fury’s performance last Saturday, but you can argue that he owes his victory to dumb luck with Wilder suffering a broken hand.

You hate to say it but Fury wasn’t that good last Saturday. Let’s be real. If Wilder doesn’t break his hand and if he didn’t gas out, it’s obvious that he would have knocked Fury into the next galaxy, Andromeda, and he’d have gone home with his WBC title.

Fury is going to have a ton of problems against the winner of the Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk II. Heck, Fury may get picked off before then if the World Boxing Council forces him to defend against his mandatory challenger Dillian Whyte.

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  1. IF this, IF that. What kind of logic is that? “IF I had two balls, I’d be king!”. . .said the queen

  2. Dude, seriously?? Proof-read and research my guy. The one true thing you said is Wilder muscle gain hurt him and he has no cardio. Everything else is hyperbole, leaning towards racism. The better man won again, Wilder will retire, and Fury has bigger fish to fry. The end.

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