Fury – Wilder III Likely To Be Delayed After COVID Outbreak In Fury Camp

More than a few of us had a feeling the third fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder would not go ahead on July 24th as planned. Whether it would be a mental meltdown from Wilder or an injury on the part of Fury, some of us did think the fight would get pushed back. And apparently, it has – but not for any of the reasons we thought.

According to Mike Coppinger, an outbreak of COVID has been found in Fury’s training camp, and the fight will now likely be postponed to September as a result.

There has been no official decision made as of yet, but it doesn’t look good. Recently we saw the Teofimo Lopez-George Kambosos Jr fight get postponed due to Lopez testing positive for COVID-19. It’s not yet known if Fury has tested positive or if any of his team has, but reports from sources say a postponement of the July 24 fight is “inevitable.”

More news is to follow.

If the third fight between these two is pushed back to September, it will be bad news for fight fans who want to see this rivalry – in its way, one of the oddest in heavyweight history – put to bed once and for all.

In truth, not too many people were too interested in seeing a third fight between Fury and Wilder, so badly did Fury hammer Wilder in the second fight in February of 2020.

Now, though, both men will have been out for 19 long months (if the fight is indeed postponed). How ring-rust may affect one, or both fighters will be one of the things people are wondering about.

If the fight is delayed until September, there seems little chance the winner will fight again until next year. This makes the chances of seeing a huge undisputed fight between Fury and Anthony Joshua, a short time ago seeming to be so close, even more complicated.

Wilder will no doubt have plenty to say on the subject if the Fury three-match is delayed.

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