Fury vs Bellew War of Words Heats Up: Fury vows to take it to the street

Tony Bellew expressed great interest in a fight with Tyson Fury, Fury said he had zero interest in the match-up, stating how the former WBC cruiserweight champ was “too small” and that he didn’t “want to hurt him.” Bellew came back, suggesting Fury was full of it as he had signed to face a man (Sefer Seferi) who is even smaller than he is: “I’d stop Fury quicker than I did Haye, no doubt about it,” Bellew said.

Now, today, in speaking with iFLTV, Fury, though he maintains he has no desire to fight Bellew in the ring, has vowed to take it to the street. Fury, in an angry mood, says he will “slap him in the teeth” if and when he sees Bellew.

“Why would I fight Tony Bellew? Why would I want to fight Tony Bellew? He has nothing that I want. At all,” Fury said. “But what I am going to do to Tony Bellew is punch him in the mouth when I see him and let’s see if he can be cheeky to me, to me face, because I think Tony Bellew is a s*** house. I want to slap him in the teeth, when he starts crying then I’ll say ‘come on big man, you think you can fight, don’t ya?’ Get it on, ‘and if you’re watching, meet me up anytime, any place, anywhere and me and you will have a straightener. If you’re serious, or if it’s just for a payday I’ll let you off. But if you’re serious about fighting me I’ll fight you out here for free.’ Bum.”

This possible match-up and the idea of it has, in an odd way, caught fire. Bellew insists he can KO Fury and though the smaller man would enter the fight as an underdog there are those who believe Bellew, a fighting man who has a knack of shocking the odds, might just do it. Fury gave us no clue how much he has left in the mismatch with Seferi and we have no idea how his punch resistance is these days. Then again, could Bellew reach Fury’s chin and test it? Make no mistake, Bellew would be trying, swinging bombs in an effort to pull off the sensational win.

Maybe Fury is talking the way he is in an effort to hype a fight he deep down wants and feels will happen. The press conferences alone would make this one entertaining. Don’t be surprised if Fury and Bellew do get it on – inside the ring – either later this year or early next.