With Talk Of A Fury Team Member “Reaching Out” To Chisora, Could We See Fury-Chisora III?

By James Slater - 07/28/2022 - Comments

Ask just about any fight fan, and they will tell you Tyson Fury WILL fight again. Despite Fury’s continued insistence that he is retired, almost nobody believes him. Now, with talk swirling around about a possible fight between Fury and that big guy named Thor (this a possible exhibition bout), there is also some suggestion that maybe, just maybe, Fury is so angry at the way former friend Derek Chisora picked against him going into his April fight with Dillian Whyte (how dare Chisora have an opinion and speak his mind!) that he is looking at taking a third fight with Chisora.

Eddie Hearn spoke with IFL TV, and he said the following: “I think someone from Tyson’s team has reached out to Chisora about fighting him in December. Who knows whether he’s gonna come back? I don’t know.”

Chisora last week gave an interview, also with IFL, in which he said he would “be there” if Fury and Frank Warren called him out for a third fight. “It’s business,” Chisora said of a fight with Fury, adding that if he can’t get that fight, he wants Deontay Wilder.

So as Hearn says, who knows with Fury? How would the fans react, though, if Fury did come back, not to fight the winner of the massive Oleksandr Usyk-Anthony Joshua rematch, but to fight old pal turned enemy Chisora? Fury defeated Chisora with considerable ease the two times he fought Chisora, and nothing short of a monster upset would see a Chisora win in a third fight.

Fury calls his own shots, Chisora is literally willing to fight anyone. Don’t be too shocked if these two do get it on for a third time. Nobody said the world of heavyweight boxing was predictable.

“If you’re friends with somebody, you back them,” Fury said when explaining his falling out with Chisora. “You don’t go with the other guy who you don’t like anyway, you go with your friend. After what he did, backing Dillian Whyte to knock me out, having his house on it and all that, how confident he was, we ain’t friends anymore. And when I see you, Derek, you’ve got to fight me.”

Fury-Chisora III in December?

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