Fundora Promoter Sampson Lewkowicz: “Tim Tszyu, your rematch is ready when you are”

By Vanessa Giebel - 04/01/2024 - Comments

Sampson Lewkowicz, the head honcho behind the newly crowned WBC and WBO 154-Pound World Champ Sebastian Fundora, wants to set the record straight about the rumours surrounding a rematch with the once undefeated Tim Tszyu.

Lewkowicz: “In our rush to get the gloves on, we shook hands more than we signed papers. Time was a thief, you see. But let it be known, we’re men of honor. A handshake with us is as good as gold. Tim Tszyu, step up when you’re ready. The ring is waiting. My word is always equal to a signed contract, your rematch is ready when you are.”

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The ball’s in Tszyu’s court, according to Lewkowicz. The rematch is a go – either straight away or after a little warm-up bout, depending on what Tszyu fancies.

“It all depends on Tim Tszyu,” said Lewkowicz. “If he doesn’t take the rematch, we will take the WBO mandatory or Spence, whatever the WBO says, but the first priority is the rematch with Tim Tszyu.”

“In a brutal, bloody slugfest that had boxing fans roaring, Fundora clinched the titles in a war that’ll be talked about for years. Despite one judge tipping his hat to Tszyu, Fundora snatched victory with his relentless jab and power punches, painting the ring red with determination and sheer will.

Tszyu started strong, his right hands finding their mark until a stray elbow from Fundora opened a gash that changed the game. But Tszyu, ever the warrior, soldiered on, even as his sight waned and Fundora’s jab found a home.

Fundora, now a world champ like his sister Gabriela, fought through a crimson mask as a broken nose tested his mettle. Yet, he leveraged his reach, peppering Tszyu with jabs and hefty lefts, proving the heart of a champion runs in the family.

Lewkowicz tipped his hat to both fighters, “Both fighters proved their tremendous hearts in this fight. Tszyu could’ve bowed out but chose to stand tall. And Fundora? The man was practically drowning in his own blood but kept the pressure, showcasing the stuff of legends. Hats off to both. The real winners? The fans, witnessing a spectacle of courage and Amazon Prime Video, launching with a bang. In that ring, there were no losers, only warriors.”

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