Frank Warren Says Deontay Wilder Will Be Offered Step-aside Money To Allow Fury To Fight Joshua

The answer to the question, which fight would you prefer to see: Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder III, or Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua, seems to be a ludicrously easy one to give. Of course we all want to see a massive unification showdown for ALL the belts. But there is a problem, Wilder is contractually guaranteed a third fight with Fury, and Wilder says he fully intends to exercise the rematch clause.

But in an effort at making Fury-Joshua – a fight that would be the single biggest ever in British boxing history – promoter Frank Warren says Wilder will be offered step-aside money to allow Fury to get it in with his British rival next, this summer. Speaking with BBC Radio Five Live, Warren said it all depends on what Wilder wants to do; whether he will accept step-aside money or not.

“I prefer to go straight to Joshua, but that is the contract,” Warren said. “It has to be honoured unless we can reach some accommodation for him [Wilder] to step aside. We could pay him to step aside if he wants to do that, but that is his choice. It would be lucrative for him, but I have spoken to his manager and Deontay does believe he has the beating of Tyson, and he can knock him out. I don’t belive that. I fancied Tyson to stop him before the fight at the weekend. If he insists on the fight, we’re locked into it.”

But who really wants to see a Fury-Wilder III? Can you possibly come up with any scenario where Wilder wins? He was largely outboxed in fight-one, and Wilder was beaten up in fight-two. Sure, Wilder will always have that puncher’s chance, but it would take a brave fan to predict a Wilder win over Fury. In fact, there is a chance Wilder could get badly hurt in a third fight with Fury. Wilder was fuming with Mark Breland for stopping the fight and still is angry (likely to fire Breland). Imagine if you will, Wilder giving strict, strict orders to his (new) team ahead of the third fight: ‘do not stop the fight, or else!’

This could see Wilder take a prolonged and damaging beating in a fight-three. But as stubborn as he is, as much of a warrior as he is, as deluded as he is if you prefer, it seems unlikely Wilder will accept step-aside money. Wilder refuses to accept that Fury is the better, superior fighter.

Still, it could prove a tough job selling Fury Vs. Wilder III. Whereas the clamor to see Fury-Joshua would assure an absolute monster event.