Floyd WASN’T Joking With Berto? / Snr Not Impressed

When Floyd Mayweather said recently that he was considering Karim Mayfield and Andre Berto as potential opponents for September, many people didn’t take him too seriously.

“Surely not?” was the natural response, yet it’s now starting to look like increasingly likely that the Florida man will indeed be getting the call, with a strong rumour emerging that the fight will take place on September 15, a Tuesday, on CBS, as part of Floyd’s “final” fight of his contract with Showtime, who are part of the CBS corporation.

If this is indeed true, then someone should direct Amir Khan to the nearest tall building as he’ll surely wish to throw himself off of it, having already tweeted his support regardless.

He wrote;

“Heard it’s Berto. Good luck to my boy Berto, he’s a good kid regardless.”

Poor Amir. It’s starting to look like he will NEVER get the call, and it’s looking even more likely that Floyd wants to coast his way to the hallowed 50-0 that will take him past Rocky Marciano’s famous 49-0 slate, assuming he does indeed fight again next year as expected.

Starting with Berto, a man who has lost 3 of his last 6, is a pretty poor show in many people’s minds, including Floyd’s own father – Mayweather Snr – who in an interview with Mlive.com has suggested his son should retire rather than take a couple of “soft” fights.

“Floyd told me he just wants to get a couple of easy fights. My honest opinion? If he feels that way, he should get out of the game.” said Snr.

“Anybody’s body – 20 years – anybody’s body will get tired, and it’s been every day of 20 years and longer for my son.”

If the fight does indeed happen on CBS it will be the biggest endorsement/advert for Al Haymon’s #FreeBoxingForAll / PBC campaign yet, and will likely be the best way to soften the blow for the hardcore fans who see Berto as an incredibly poor choice of opponent.

However, Berto’s 30-3 slate, as well as the fact he is a former world champion, will mean it shouldn’t be too hard a sell to the casual sports fans who were left disappointed by the “Fight of the Century” back in May.

Mayweather has already entered camp for the match-up and an official announcement is expected shortly


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