Floyd to fight Canelo on September 14th!

canelo22Just announced Floyd Mayweather Jr. 44-0 has agreed to fight Saul’Canelo’ Alvarez 42-0-1 at a 152lb catchweight, at the Las Vegas MGM Grand on September 14, 2013.

A few days ago I penned an article “Floyd WILL Fight Canelo Alvarez on September 14th!” and the particulars of this fight being made were reflected quite accurately in that article. In fact some posters to the article, called it a crap article, and a lot of those same posters doubted that Floyd would even fight Canelo expecting him to duck or avoid the Mexican champion. The usual nay-saying took place to dismiss the P4P king, labeling him as a fraud, chicken and other colorful descriptive adjectives.

The 152lb catchweight is fair in my opinion, what has not been stated in the fight announcement is the rehydration clause and I’m sure there’s one. I don’t think Floyd will allow Canelo to blow up to 170+lbs after the weigh-in, there’s probably a stiff penalty if he does. Drug testing is probably also part of the fight being made.

To Canelo’s credit, he’s already tweeted that he will be the first to defeat Mayweather, which sounds kind of ‘deja vu’ because recently vanquished Mayweather foe Robert Guerrero made the same proclamation exactly. What isn’t ‘deja vu’, is the preparation that Floyd Jr. will have to put himself through to face a younger, stronger and probably 10 – 12lbs heavier man on fight night. Floyd Sr. who rejoined The Money Team as head trainer for his sons bout against Robert Guerrero will probably work to make Floyd much sharper, quicker and stronger to face a man 14years younger than his son.

This is the fight that many boxing fans expected Maweather to take, and now it’s so. This decision wasn’t made without considerable analysis by Team Mayweather who are ultimate boxing professionals. Hopefully this will be the fight to silence Mayweather detractors and critics once and for all, where they will finally recognize one of the greatest fighters in boxing’s illustrious history.