Floyd Mayweather Steals Some Of Curmel Moton’s Glory With “Am I Not The Greatest Ever” Rant At Reporter

10/01/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Last night in Las Vegas, on the under card of Canelo Alvarez’ one-sided win over a disappointing and reluctant Jermell Charlo, 17 year old Curmel Moton made his pro debut. One of Floyd Mayweather’s proteges, Moton has big things expected of him, very big things. Already, with “Money” guiding him, there is some talk of Moton fighting reigning WBA featherweight champ Leigh Wood soon after Wood’s upcoming fight with Josh Warrington (should Wood win on October 7).

And last night, after scoring a first round win in his debut, Moton was having his time in the spotlight at the podium. Before Mayweather took apparent umbrage over what a reporter had the sheer nerve to say about him. The reporter, who was in the process of asking Moton a question, preceded his question by stating how Moton is guided by “arguably one of the greatest of all time.”

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What’s wrong with those words, a person might ask. Nothing. But then we have to factor in Mayweather’s gigantic ego. Floyd felt to need to berate the reporter, doing so in a humiliating way akin to how a teacher might scold a student – a bad teacher, anyway.

“What are we rating ourselves on?” Mayweather said, speaking directly to the reporter. “In the least amount if fights, I didn’t have to have 70 fights, 150 fights, 300 fights. Did I or did I not beat the most world champions? (pointing at the reporter) In the least amount of fights? Who got the highest gate? Who made the most money? Who was the most accurate? It’s basically saying that…”

The reporter, backed into a most uncomfortable corner, agreed with all of Mayweather’s statements and ultimately agreed that Mayweather is indeed the greatest of all time. But is he? Heck, no. Biggest gate, most champions beaten in least number of fights aside, Mayweather cannot be ranked above a number of boxing greats….Sugar Ray Robinson for one, Muhammad Ali for two, Roberto Duran for three, Henry Armstrong for four, Sam Langford for five……I could go on and on, and so could you.

Maybe you will, and at the same time maybe you will be equally critical of Mayweather for not only treating an established member of the media so embarrassingly, but at the same time stealing some of his young fighter’s glory time. Floyd has had his time, now the younger talent he promotes should be allowed to have theirs.

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