Floyd Mayweather On Being Voted The Greatest Of All-Time on BoxRec: Numbers Don’t Lie And BoxRec Told The Truth

The hard working folks behind invaluable boxing website BoxRec have compiled a list of the greatest boxers of all-time, and Floyd “Money” Mayweather is very happy to point to the list. Why? Because, according to the numbers system the people at BoxRec have used, Mayweather has been voted as THE greatest boxer in history. Ahead of immortals Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali, Mayweather, perfect at 50-0, is top of the pile.

And the 42 year old did not waste too much time in boasting about his lofty position on the list (one that is sure to generate an absolute ton of debate/fierce arguing). Taking to his Instagram page, Mayweather wrote:

“Greatest of all time. Numbers don’t lie, and BoxRec told the truth. It is what it is.”

The numbers system used saw Mayweather garner 2,225 points, far more than his nearest rival on the list, Manny Pacquiao, who was awarded 1,633 points.

The full list reads as follows:

1: Floyd Mayweather
2: Manny Pacquiao
3: Carlos Monzon
4: Muhammad Ali
5: Sugar Ray Robinson
6: Bernard Hopkins
7: Joe Louis
8: Archie Moore
9: Oscar De La Hoya
10: Julio Cesar Chavez
11: Evander Holyfield
12: Roberto Duran
13: Marvelous Marvin Hagler
14: Floyd Patterson
15: Ray Leonard
16: Juan Manuel Marquez
17: Pernell Whitaker
18: Rocky Marciano
19: Harry Greb
20: Roy Jones Junior
21: Larry Holmes
22: Gene Tunney
23: Jack Johnson
24: Jose Napoles
25: James Toney

Let the arguments begin!

From Thomas Hearns to Salvador Sanchez, from Ezzard Charles to Jack Dempsey, there are a whole lot of great fighters, fan favourites all, that did not make the list. While in terms of order, many fans are sure to be disgruntled. Of course, it’s never easy making any list of this kind and it’s a cert the folks at BoxRec are fully expecting some backlash along with some praise. What do YOU think of the list?

As Mayweather wrote himself: it is what it is.