Floyd Mayweather Is Reportedly Interested In Taking Up De La Hoya’s $100 Million Offer – If Oscar Has The Money

By James Slater - 09/25/2021 - Comments

As fight fans are probably aware, Oscar De La Hoya, recently recovered from a bout with the coronavirus, called out Floyd Mayweather, offering “Money” a gargantuan sum of money – $100 million.

TMZ Sports broke the news, grabbing a quick interview with De La Hoya. Now, a TMZ Sports article has reported how their sources have informed them that Floyd is aware of the offer and he is willing to take the fight – if De La Hoya really does have that kind of big cash at his disposal.

Reportedly, Mayweather and his people are doubtful De La Hoya has got that kind of money. But again, if – and it could be a very big if – Oscar has got that cash and can really offer it to Mayweather, the fight, the rematch, could happen.

Mayweather Vs. De La Hoya II in 2022. By which time, Oscar would be 49, and Floyd would be 45. But you know there would be a big audience willing to watch the fight – willing to pay to watch the fight. Of course, this doesn’t mean the return fight should happen, but it could.

It seems it’s now up to De La Hoya to prove that, yeah, he can come up with the kind of massive money that Mayweather is interested in. If this one doesn’t happen (and the odds say it will not happen), De La Hoya has other options if he’s still hell-bent on returning to the ring.

Floyd Mayweather Is Reportedly Interested In Taking Up De La Hoya's $100 Million Offer – If Oscar Has The Money

That postponed Vitor Belfort fight is still out there, with the head of Triller recently saying the fight was in the works for Thanksgiving weekend, November 27th.

If it came down to it, which fight would YOU rather see: Mayweather-De La Hoya II or De La Hoya-Belfort? Maybe you have zero interest in seeing either fight.

Mayweather is, of course, unbeaten at 50-0. De La Hoya is currently 39-6(30). When they fought each other back in May of 2007, the super-fight was dubbed “The World Awaits.” Who knows what a suitable tagline would be for the rematch some 15 years on?

14 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Is Reportedly Interested In Taking Up De La Hoya’s $100 Million Offer – If Oscar Has The Money”

  1. Solo quieren hacer más dinero Floyd Mayweather sabe que ganará 100 millonsitos de dólares recorriendo sin salir lastimado y de la hoya igual y los que perderemos seremos los aficionados, otra forma de la mafia de la hoya promotions para robar

  2. Yeah!! Bring it on. Technically, yes they are “old” to today’s standards, but human genetics have changed dramatically in the past 50 years or so. A 40 something year old still can fight like a 30 something year old. Do not be fooled by the age numbers.
    I honestly think it would be a good fight. De la Hoya it’s itching to throw it all out in the ring and be the aggressor. Who knows!

    • Chicken De LA Hoya! First De LA Hoya doesn’t have that kind of money( snorted alot of it up) second, De LA Hoya just likes being in the lime light ( the attention) that’s all! If Chicken boy really wanted to get back in the ring Belfort is waiting for him to sign to fight this Thanksgiving weekend, Chicken De LA Hoya will find some way to avoid Belfort, because Belfort will really hurt him!

  3. Another ppv ripoff. People won’t pay to see 50 year old men struggle to move around the ring.

  4. Well if the top active guys start fighting. Maybe this non sense will go away. But there not!! This is what we get instead . And we keep letting them get away with it. but I know the top guys won’t fight each other. It’s why boxing is in the state it is. Nobody cares. They rather see Jake Paul instead. Hey people, this is all our own fault!!!!!!

    • I agree 100%, I longed for the fighters like ALI, SALVADOR SANCHEZ, MARVIN HAGLER, ROBERTO DURAN, who would dodge nobody and would FIGHT the best in their class. They fought because they were professional and love the sport. Today we have a lot of GIRLS dodging each other because they lack the courage to compete against the best.

  5. The younger fighter do have the boxing community fooled , they want elevated viewing numbers and attendance to look like they were actually a marquee fight. Leo Santa Cruz and tank Davis was a great buy, but nothing else has been. It’s been a dry season for boxing even these two old guys would wake up the system. I say fight I’m in..

  6. This guy GF is on point , think about it It will be more entertaining than any fight we’ve seen thus far. A lot of these young cats do have people fooled. I think it would be crazy to not be intrigued by this fight Gervonte Davis / Santa Cruz-was the only fight that was intriguing or worth the buy.

  7. Oscar definitely has access to 100M for this fight and I think he’d team up with Bob Arum and Triller to make this fight happen. So the money is definitely out there but will fight fans be willing to pay for this fight? I think yes they will.

  8. I think Oscar has that kind of money anyway. But if he does… It’s not worth buying to watch it. Your talking about 2 odd frats fighting after being so old… So personally i hope it doesn’t get made…. It’s not worth it…. Maywheather never liked him as a fighter anyway and Oscar love him has a fighter. But there both too old and for what… Dead issue. My opinion….

    • Better than watching fighters like teo lopez or aj that have fans fooled.
      Floyd and Oscar would put up a beter fight than most young guys these days or and ufc clown

    • Lol you are silly! Someone says “fans fooled” and mfs like you run around like “fAnS fOoLeD, FaNs FoOLed!!” Because of ppl like you is why nobody cares about boxing anymore, Oscar was always and always will be pathetic and mfs like u glorified him.

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