Floyd Mayweather: “Currency Over Legacy”

11/16/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Pretty much nothing means more to Floyd Mayweather than money; certainly not his boxing legacy. Mayweather, known of course as “Money,” said as much at the post-fight presser that followed his latest “easy money” exhibition gig, this one against a You Tuber in Dubai. Mayweather was paid a reported $30 million for the exhibition bout he had with Deji, and the 45-year-old made it clear he has no intention of getting off the exhibition gravy train when it is so lucrative.

Mayweather, who refers to himself as “T.B.E,” now has a new tag-line: “currency over legacy.” Mayweather says the money he has earned and is continuing to earn means more to him than his legacy as a boxer.

“A lot of time people say, ‘Oh, Floyd have to do exhibitions,’” Mayweather said after his latest big-money exhibition. “My philosophy is never stop getting it [money]. Currency over legacy. Currency over legacy. Believe me, if I don’t ever do another exhibition in my life, I can live a great life.”

Mayweather has denied suggestions from some (including Jake Paul, who stated that Mayweather is “ruining the sport to pay his unpaid taxes”) that he is running low on funds. Mayweather would have to have been incredibly foolish with his money if he did come close to going broke, what with the many, many millions Floyd has earned. Mayweather is basically saying that as long as there is so much easy money to be made from exhibition events, then why not keep collecting?

But it is disappointing that such a great fighter rates making money as his highest priority, over his legacy. Can you imagine a guy like Thomas Hearns saying such a thing? Or Julio Cesar Chavez? Or almost any other great fighter? At least Mayweather is being honest. How many more exhibition bouts will Mayweather appear in before he finally walks away? There could be plenty more to come. As long as fans are willing to pay good money to watch the kind of “action” that took place on Sunday in Dubai.